Business Breakfast

The breakfast events at the Future Film Festival are intended for companies who want to present their productions to potential clients, co-producers and financers. The morning sessions of the festival are open to professionals in the field, buyers, television broadcasters, film distributors and independent producers who are known on an international level. The Business Breakfast 2007 is attended by some major players, from a variety of sectors, including Toei Animation, iCartoon and FastandForward.

Toei Animation

Toei Animation were established in Tokyo in 1956. By 1957, they had produced their first short length animation, Little Kitty’s Graffiti. The following year saw the release of their first feature length film, The White Snake; and, in 1963, they made the first animated series for television, Ken the Wild Boy. Sally the Witch was the first colour production made by Toei Animation for television and, in 1975, the company began to sell these series, along series like Mazinger Z, to countries abroad. A few years after, the film Galaxy Express 999 was released in Japan and became an overnight success. Toei Animation have made many successful series, such as Sailor Moon, and the immensely popular Dragon Ball and Digimon series, which were produced more than 200 episodes. The studio has remained very active ever since and, today, is responsible for the production of over 160 titles of TV animation series and over 180 titles of Theatrical feature film.


iCartoon is a software programme designed for use by children and young people for creating 2D animation. The aim of the developers is to create a series of intuitive tools that teach children the techniques of animation. The software has recently received a mark of quality by Indire and have produced a version for PC, as well as the original production for Mac, which comes in five different languages: Italian, Spanish, English, German and French. iCartoon is unique to the market and offers a crucial medium for teaching animation to younger age groups.


FastandForwardis a young Italian company with a focus on producing commercials, videos, short films and films. Some works from the production house are notable for their wide use of digital special effects. They have produced the short film Ti chiamo io, which won Film Race 2003 and was distributed by Medusa on DVD. In 2003, FastandForward produced E:D:E:N, a short film that explores the genre of modern science fiction and provides a teaser for a feature length project. The latest short film made by the company is The Silver Rope which, again, approaches a science fiction theme with a highly creative use of special effects.