Tribute to Quino

One of the masters of comics and animation in the world will attend Future Film Festival 2007 and will present, as Italian preview, the cartoons based on his most successful works.
The shorts based on Mafalda’s stories and satirical comic strips by Quino, keep with the animation the same freshness and lightness of the comics, preserving the peculiarities of Quino’s humour.
Quino was born in 1932, his parents were Spanish emigrants. Quino soon became a cartoonist, an occupation that he considered a job, not an art.
Mafalda, one of his most popular character, was born as testimonial for a household appliances company, but Mafalda’s story was totally different: she obtained a great success, since 1968, also in Europe and Italy.

Tribute to the production company Partizan

Founded in 1991 and based on London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, in the last fourteen years Partizan has obtained an international success in the field of advertising and videoclips, thanks to the scouting and the promotion of new young artists. Michel Gondry is perhaps the most representative of the Partizan’s production: his famous videoclips and feature films (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Human Nature) in the last years obtained a great success of critics and audience. Future Film Festival is glad to present for the first time in Italy a selection of the best videos producted by Partizan with the presence of one of its producers.
The tribute is edited by Susanna Corchia.

Tribute to Iranian animation

Future Film Festival 2007 will pay a tribute to the Iranian animation production, for the first time in Italy, with a rich selection of works.
The tribute will present a selection of shorts and tv series from the past to today, trought the more representative works of this culture so rich of myths, legends and creativity. The selected works range over many animation techniques, from the traditional techniques to the 3D animation, showing a great contemporary production.

Tribute to Chinese animation

At the origin of the Asian culture, China is considered the first land of East that realized an animated feature film: Princess Iron Fan (1941) by Wan brothers. Wan Brothers founded the most important school of animation in China: the Shanghai Animation Film Studio.
Future Film Festival 2007 will pay a tribute to the Chinese animation school and to its masters, presenting a selection of shorts and the most important movies of its tradition.
The tribute is edited by Luca della Casa and Laura Zardi.

Tribute to Paul Driessen

Paul Driessen was born in Holland. He began his career in the field of animation attending tv advertising and he started working for cinema with ta collaboration in the movie Yellow Submarine. Then he moved to Canada where he started a prolific production with the National Film Board of Canada.
Driessen taught animation at Kassel University in Germany and his works have been awarded with more than fifty international prizes. Paul Driessen will attend Future Film Festival 2007 and will present a selection of his works, of the first Dutch period and the second Canadian period.

Tribute to Gamma Film – 50 years of Carosello and more

“Roberto Gavioli is one of those Italians that seem to me so linked with their country that I cannot imagine their life only private or pubblic, individual or collective”; in this way Sergio Zavoli presents the figure of Roberto Gavioli, founder, together with his brother Gino, of Gamma Film, the famous company that in the seventies produced Carosello’s animated spots as Ulisse e l’ombra (for Hag Caffè), Caio Gregorio er guardiano der pretorio (for Rhodiatoce textiles), Bbabbut, mammut e figliut (for Pirelli mattresses and tyres), Derby, il cavallo di vitaccia cavallina (for Derby fruit juices).
The Gamma Film work goes over the advertising field with the first computer grafica title and also the titles of Canzonissima and Domenica Sportiva. The Gino and Roberto Gavioli work includes a full-length film, the beautiful Putiferio va alla guerra (1968) and the medium-length film La lunga calza verde (1961) in the occasion of Italy Unification with the screenplay by Cesare Zavattini.
Future Film Festival will pay a tribute to Gamma Film with the most famous works of its production, in the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of Carosello.

The spaceship is taken of

Dopo il viaggio nel tempo proposto lo scorso anno con la retrospettiva Macchine nel tempo, il cinema di fantascienza ritorna al Future Film Festival con una sezione dedicata alla fantascienza astronautica. Il nuovo programma della manifestazione proporrà una selezione di film nei quali l’astronave assume numerose e diverse valenze: da mero mezzo di trasporto, variante dell’aereo, a mezzo con il quale confrontarsi con un problema di indentità, da trappola potenzialmente mortale a modello ipertecnologico.
The tribute is edited by Franco La Polla.


Italiani@ FFF: Regione Animata

For his ninth edition, Future Film Festival dedicates the Italiani@FFF section to the producion companies of Emilia-Romagna region which work in the field of animation and special effects.
The companies that joined the “Regione Animata” project, will present their works to the FFF audience and a very special committee made of international producers and distributors that will value the works. A chanche of growth and comparison that wants to promote new creative and productive possibilites.

Miltos Manetas

Artist based on Los Angeles, Manetas will present at Future Film Festival 2007 his more important works, especially the video series inspired on videogame world, “Videos after videogames”, that the artist produced since 1996 and that it’s still on production. The link between the player and the character of the videogame is underlined through the “free” spaces that the videogame leaves, as if the charaters were sleeping: is it a dream or reality? Manetas is also the author of paintings, photos and web projects dedicated to art and videogame world.

Eventi speciali

As usual, Future Film Festival will present meetings with the most important production companies in the world: Industrial Light + Magic, Laika Entertainment, Buf Compagnie, PDI and others will be in Bologna to present new digital technologies for cinema and videogames.


Future Film Festival Digital Award

8th edition of the competition for Italian works made by using digital 3D elaborations that give contribute to the technical and expressive renewal in the production domain.

Lancia Platinum Grand Prize

The award that Future Film Festival 2007 will assign to the work shown during the festival, which will be voted as the most innovative in the field of digital animation cinema.

Future Film Short

Future Film Short is the section dedicated to short films coming from all over the world, realized with traditional and digital animation techniques, or live action with special effects. Like other editions, the audience of the festival will be the judge of the two best short films. In cooperation with Groupama Assicurazioni.

Future Web Festival

Future Web Festival is renewed presenting a meeting with some creatives of Google projects. A look at the latest trands that the web dedicates to those artists that create interactive works for the Web.

Il Futuro dei Toons

This section is dedicated to the new and most interesting animated TV series coming from all over the world. New productions as absolute premières that will capture the anime and cartoons fans.

Festival Showcase
More of ten festivals from all over the world about animation and special effects will present at Future Film Festival 2007 a special programme selection of their last editions.
Some partners: BAF from UK, BitFilm and e.DIT from Germany, DiBa from Spain, Némo from France and others.

Future Film Game
As every year, the event addressed to videogames world is renewed. A journey to discover the latest productions in the art that makes the animation interactive.

Business Breakfast
The professional breakfast of Future Film Festival comes back: it brings together production companies and authors that want to present their works and projects, looking for co-productions and distributors.

How To Create An Animated Short Film
Future Film Festival proposes a new meeting with an European animation school, to give to young Italian authors the chance to enlarge their perspectives about their own artistic training in the animation domain, through meetings with teachers and screening of the works made by students. At the same time, teachers will have the possibility to let people know their school, encouraging the cultural exchange between different countries. The guest school of FFF2007 will be The Animation Department of Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Chieri (Italy).