Future Film Game

Future Film Game, the FFF date with videogame world, is came back with the game The Darkness. The Darkness is realised by the Sweden software house Starbreeze. The Lead Designer of the The Darkness Jens Andersson will be at the Future Film Festival to explain the different phases to create the game. The Darkness will be on commercial market in 2007.

Based on a series of comics with the same name, created by Top Cow in 1996, now distributed and translated into 19 different languages across the world, The Darkness is one of the most significant game due for release in 2007. It is an adventure for the new generation of game consuls that includes 12 hours of intense action in the slums, ports, underground and rooftops of New York. It was produced by the Swedish software house, Starbreeze, based on the screenplay written by Paul Jenkins, the creator of The Darkness, and is the counterpart of the film that will be released by Platinum Studios also this year.

Special guest will be also Miltos Manestas . Artist based on Los Angeles, Manetas will present at Future Film Festival 2007 his more important works, especially the video series inspired on videogame world, “Videos after videogames”, that the artist produced since 1996 and that it’s still on production. The link between the player and the character of the videogame is underlined through the “free” spaces that the videogame leaves, as if the charaters were sleeping: is his dream our reality? Manetas is also author of paintings, photos and web projects dedicated to art and videogame world.

On Friday 19th January, Capitol Multisala, room 1 - at 5,00 p. m.

Edited by Jaime D’Alessandro.