Future of Toons in the West

The future of Toons in the West is the section dedicated to the most interesting new releases in the series from USA and Europe.
This year as well the panorama of the animation looks very reach and full of surprises, the most of them not politically correct and innovative from a stylistic and a narrative point of view.

The programme of  The Future of Toons in the West follows:

The Boondocks (Grandad’s Fight, A Date With A Health Inspector, The Story of Gangstalicious, The Real)

by Joe Horn e Seung Eun Kim

Sony Pictures proposes The Boondocks.The series comes from a comic strip created by Aaron McGruder: American society is shown thought the eyes of a boy. Huey Freeman, ten years old, is an afroamerican. The comic strip was created by McGruder in 1997 for “The Diamondback”, a students’ newspaper of the University of Maryland.  The comic strips were very popular and in 1999 the Universal Press Syndicate decided to publish them. It became a successful occurrence even if it was very praised or sparked controversy for its contents. His début in the USA (and in Italy with MTV) was a clear sign of the triumph of this series. In collaboration with MTV, Paramount Comedy and Sony Pictures Television International. Free entrance.

Geek Boy

by Jake (UK, 2005)

Onedotzero Productions proposes a series dedicated to the hurl of the science fiction satellite channel Movie at 10. Geek Boy is the name of the series and of the character. It shows the adventures of a man of the future and his friend Pal 3000. The two protagonists fight against all the most famous characters of the science fiction (from Alien to Darth Veder) and they try to be tuned on time on Movie at 10 for the beginning of their movie.


by Hiroshi Chida (USA, 2006)

Interesting series by Nickelodeon, Boneheads show is produced with the Japanese Polygon Pictures and realized in 3D. It shows the adventures of two primitives characters through a style of not elegant forms and very intense colours.

Catscratch (The Secret Door)

by Doug TenNapel (USA, 2006)

Catscracth, by Nickelodeon, tells the story of three cats, Mr. Blik, Gordon and Waffle. They are brought up by an old lady that, at her death, give them a big house and all her properties. The three cats live a life of freedom, adventure and eternal confusion

Danny Phantom (Urban Jungle)

by Butch Hartman (USA, 2006)

Created by Butch Hartman, Danny Phantom is a boy with particular powers, as a ghost. The boy will fight against other ghosts that begin to mysteriously infest his home.

Mind the Kitty

by Anne Walker (USA, 2006)

Mind the Kitty is a series produced by Nickelodeon. The director is the young animator Anne Walker. It is a story about three friends who take care of a sweet cat, but she proves to be a real disaster.

Ed, Edd & Eddy (Cool Hand Ed, Too Smart For His Own Ed, Who’s Minding the Ed)

by Danny Antonucci (USA, 2006)

Danny Antonucci vollsborates for Cartoon Network and he is the producer of the series Ed, Edd & Eddy.
They are three kids looking for money. This kind of animation remembers, in an original and creative way, the style of the Fifties and the Sixties cartoons as Hanna and Barbera or UPA.
There are few details, uniform colours and straight lines.

Oban Star Racer

(ep. 1, 2) by Savin Eiffel (Japan/France, 2006)

Co-production France-Japan, Oban Star Racers is created trough a different 2D and 3D technique.
The great competition of Oban will allow to the winner to satisfy every wish.
Adventures and mystery are present in the characters’ lives.

The Gogopig! (Discesa libera, Tifosi, Calcio di Punizione, Telecronista)

by Massimo Carrier Ragazzi (Italy, 2006)

The Gogopig! produced by Maga Animation Studio,celebrates Torino’s Olimpiadi and has as protagonists some animals. They are very clumsy and they do the most strange sports.

The X’s (Truman X: Supervillian)

by Carlos Ramos (USA, 2006)

The X’s is the adventure of a family of secret agents. The style is similar to the movie “Four Rooms” by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino.

Zombie Hotel (First Day, The Bogeyman Cometh)

by Luc Vinciguerra (France/Eire, 2005)

Fungus e Maddott, two twins, are the protagonists of Zombie Hotel. They manage a strange hotel with their parents. Zombie Hotel is a very successful co-production by Alphanim, TeleGaël, Magma and Canal J.

Avatar – The Last Airbender (The Blind Bandit)

by Bryan Konietzko e Michael Dante DiMartino (USA, 2006)

Avatar - The Last Airbender, is produced by Michael Dante Dimartino (already director of Family Guy). After the end of the harmony between the four elements (air, water, fire and hearth), three kids have to save the world from the evil power of the fire.

Happy Tree Friends

by Rhode Montijo e Kenn Navarro (USA, 2006)

Happy Three Friends is an absolute new release created using Flash for Mondo Mini Shows.
The show, for an adult public, tells the mishaps of three little happy animals. They live every kind of mishaps and they cut themselves when they play together.