ILM: Pirates of the Caribbean Event

One of the most important worldwide company in the field of special effects, the Industrial Light & Magic. will be present at the Future Film Festival. This year Geoff Campbell, digital model supervisor of IL+M, will be shown to the audience the making of the last Pirates of the Caribbean-Dead Men’s Chest.

On Saturday 20th January, at 3.00 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala

PDI: puppet animation 3D Event

Luca Prasso, PDI character technical director, will take part to the FFF. He will talk about his last 3D productions realised with a style similar to the stop motion.
At the FFF there will be also showed the preview of new short First Flight.

On Thursday 18th January, at 7.00 p.m., room – Capitol Multisala

Aardman: Flushed Away Event

Flushed Away is the first Aardman lenght feature film realised with 3D animation. Flushed away recovers many features of the typical stop motion Aardman style in the characters design and in the carrying out of the story, as Loyd Price will explain at the FFF.

On Friday 19th January, at 3.00 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala

BUF Compagnie: Arthur and the Invisibles Event

Geoffrey Niquet of Buf Compagnie, general supervisor and director of the animation of the movie Arthur and the Invisibles will be at the Future Film Festival to explain the making of the movie. Niquet worked close to Luc Besson to the realisation of the special effects of Arthur and of the animated part, too.

On Sunday 21th January, at 7.00 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala.

Laika: Moongirl Event

The 9th edition of the Future Film Festival has the great pleasure to show the preview of the last Henry Selick’s short Moongirl produced by Laika, the company whose Selick is the supervising director. At the FFF there will be the Laika’s Director of Scouting Operations, Fiona Kenshole.

On Thursday 18th January, 3.00 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala.

MIT Media Lab: Topobo

The date with the Massachussetss Institute of Technology is, this year, at his 8th birthday. To celebrate the collaboration, at the Future Film Festival there will be Amanda Parkers, one of the creators of the Topobo’s plan. Topobo is a system of 3D setting-up with a “kinetic memory”, that is the ability to record and repeat physical movements.

On Sunday 21th January, 3 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala

MadHouse: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time Event

The Future Film Festival, for this new edition, presents the meeting with MadHouse, currently the most important Japanese production company, famous for the anime Tokyo Godfathers, Trigun, Beck, Ninja Scroll. At the Future Film Festival there will be the president Masao Maruyama, the directors Mamoru Hosoda and Masaaki Yuasa, and the producter Yuichiro Saito. Masaaki Yuasa, already author of Mindgame, will show to the FFF the innovative anime Kemonozume. Momuro Hosoda – director of Superflat Monogram, unforgettable short for the Luis Vuitton’s advertising campaign created by the artist Takashi Murakami – will show as preview at the FFF the awarded lenght feature film The Girl Who Leapt Trough Time. Moreover at the FFF there will be also screened the live action Girl of Time by Nobuiko Obayashi (already director of the innovative Hausu), the great success of 1983 inspired to the same Yasutaka Tsutsui’s novel, from which it’s taken The Girl Who Leapt Trough Time.

On Saturday 20th January, 7 p.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala.

How to create an animated short

After the success of the last years, the Future Film Festival suggests a new date with an animation school to give the possibility to young creatives to enlarge the perspectives relative to their own artistical education in the specifically field of animation. The proposal is to organize dates with teachers and screenings of the works made by the students.
This year the school guest of the Future Film Festival is the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia di Chieri, Dipartimento di Animazione. The teachers Chiara Magri, Laura Fiori, Maurizio Radice and Vincenzo Gioanola will meet the FFFaudience and will introduce the shorts realized by the students for the Future Film Festival about the “New Technologies in the contemporary life”.

On Sunday 21th January, 10 a.m., Room 1 – Capitol Multisala

Italiani@ FFF.3

In the last two years, this section of Future Film Festival dedicated to the Italian production company, obtained a particular success and it was a real moment of cultural exchange.
This year the meeting introduces Ubik, Gruppo Alcuni and Proxima.

On Saturday 20th January, 10 a.m., room 1 – Capitol Multisala

Emilia-Romagna Regione Animata

At his 9th edition the Future Film Festival dedicates a section to the production companies that work in the Emilia-Romagna Region. They mainly deal with animation and digital effects. The societies, part of the Regione Animata initiative, will show their works and their projects to the festival’s audience but also to a very special committee, made up of international producers who will advise and judge the home-bred productions. A real moment of growth and comparison trying to open new borders and creative or productive chances.

On Thursday 18th January, 10 a.m., Sala del Capitano – Re Enzo Palace.