NANA is a real media phenomenon in Japan with a potential to sell out in cinemas, bookshops and record shops. The musical story and friendship between two girls linked by the same name is adapted to TV through the work of the chief editor Junko Koseki, who will be a guest at the Festival, and by Asaka Morio (director of Rozen Maiden e Gunslinger Girl).

50 episodes have already made and are ready to be realised in Italy. This animation, presented to the FFF 2007, is the most recent piece of this incredibile success. This very good result is also due to the 150.000 copies sold only with the first DVD.

NANA Komatsu (“Hachi” for her friends) is in the train that leads her to her boleved Shoji. In this train, she chooses a seat near Nana Osaki, a girl who wants to go to the metropolis to become a star of the rock. The two girls have the same name but, for a chance or for an inevitabile fate, they are also flatmates. In the flat, they will begin together a new life: the innocent and honest Hachi and the determined Nana are very different in their way of life. Hachi needs Nana and Nana needs Hachi, to achieve their dreams.

At the meeting with Junko Koseki, there will be also Stefano Brusa, director of italian dubbing, Federica De Bortoli, who dubs the movie; Simona Stanzani, the translator, and Carlo Cavazzoni, executive director Dynit.
This meeting is on Saturday, 20th January, at 4 p.m., room 2, Capitol Multisala.