The FFF’s winners

The FFF’s winners

Yesterday evening, at the FFF’s awards cerimony, the FFF’s awards were assigned. The Lancia Platinum Grand Prize, dedicated to the most innovative work in the field of digital animation cinema, was assigned to Princess by Anders Morgenthaler.
The Future Film Festival Digital Award, the prize in collaboration with NewTek dedicated to Italian works, was assigned to Reactine by Massimiliano Rocchetti of Mercurio SPQR (first prize) and to Citroen C2 Corvi by Matteo Pellegrini of Ubik (second prize). For the Future Film Short contest, organized with the support of Groupama, the prizes were assigned to A Gentlemen’s Duel by Francisco Ruiz and Sean McNally (1000 euros - first prize) and to Piccionaia (Pizunera) by Massimo Sarzi Madidini (500 euros - second prize).

The last day of Future Film Festival!

Today Amanda Parkes (MIT) will present the last futuristic projects in the field of interactive communication; Geoffry Niquet (Buf Compagnie) will talk about the making of the Arthur and the Invisible’s animation and the movie will be screened in the evening as closing event. Don’t miss the Fullmetal Alchemist Event, the preview of three episodes of the famous series and the full length film Fullmetal Alchemist – Conqueror of Shamballa.
see you at FFF 2008!


The FFF audience won’t break with the meeting with Industrial Light & Magic, the NANA Day and the expected meeting with MadHouse. Geoff Campbell (ILM) will present the making of the last Pirates of the Caribbean, the NANA’s chief editor, Koseki Junko, will talk about the series and for the meeting with MadHouse the president Masao Maruyama, the producer Saito Yuichiro and the directors Yuasa Masaaki and Hosoda Mamoru will attend the FFF.


In the middle of the festival, important guests arrive in Bologna: Loyd Price of Aardman will present the making of the last Aardman’s movie, Flushed Away, Jens Andersson the making of the videogame The Darkness, Georges Bermann the most innovative and original Partizan’s productions. Moreover Paul Driessen, the independent animator, famous for the animation of Yellow Submarine, will meet the FFF audience. In the evening The Boondocks event, the first episodes of the famous series.

Programme update

Due to bad weather, Loyd Price (Aardman) won’t attend Future Film Festival


Today the very special guest will be Quino, the Mafalda’s father, one of the masters of comics and animation in the world will meet the FFF audience. The most important production companies come back to Bologna. Today Luca Prasso (PDI) will present the preview of First Flight, the last PDI short and Fiona Kenshole (Laika Films) will show at FFF Moongirl, the new short by Henry Selick. Moreover a lot of previews are expected: Silk, a new union between ghost story and science fiction, Princess, a crude story between animation and live action…and more!

Future Film Festival 2007 is open!

Five days full of the best animated cinema, meetings with the most important special effects production companies, special events and great homages. FFF starts with singing cows (preview of Barnyard), the tv most famous (and mad!) family (The Simpsons Movie Event), exclusive Caroselli (tribute to Gamma Film and meeting with the company founders) and the landing of the first spaceship (The Spaceship has Already Passed: Buck Rogers: Destination Saturn).