The spaceship has already passed

The science fiction comes back to the Future Film Festival with a section dedicated to the spaceship. The new programme proposes a selection of movies in which the concept of spaceships is various: it is considered as a simply aircraft equipped with an extraordinary capacity for transportation or a deadly trap, as a spacecraft inspired to a hyper-technological model or a machine for exploring, a machine for war. Edited by Franco La Polla.

The programme of the Future Film Festival 2007 follows:

  • Conquest of Space by Byron Haskin (USA/1955) 
  • Battle Beyond the Stars by Jimmy T. Murakami (USA/1980) 
  • Buck Rogers – Destination Saturn by Ford Beebe e Saul A. Goodkind (USA/1939) 
  • Marooned by John Sturges (USA/1969) 
  • Battlestar Galactica by Richard A. Colla (USA/1978) 
  • Saturn 3 by Stanley Donen (USA/1980)