Tribute to Quino

The Future Film Festival 2007 is pleased to present a tribute to Quino, one of the master of comics and worlwide animation, who will be one of the Future Film Festival 2007′ guests. He will introduce for an italian preview the animations inspired by his great successes. Quino will meet the FFF audience on Thursday 18th January 2007, 5 p.m., room 1 Capitol Multisala.

The shorts based on Mafalda’s stories and satirical comic strips by Quino, keep with the animation the same freshness and lightness of the comics, preserving the peculiarities of Quino’s humour. His notorious character, Mafalda, born in 1964 to advertise some home appliances, the Mansfield.

The company decided not to use it and Quino thought to shape a real all-accomplished character. Even when Quino decided not to draw Mafalda any more, the character still remained in the collettive imaginary, while he carried on drawing his comic boards. About himself the artist says always to “try solving the dilemma of whom is good and evil in this world”, and thanks to Mafalda his resarch was certainly more gathered and exact.

Who is Quino

Quino (Joaquín Salvador Lavado Tejón) was born in 1932 in the Andean region of Mendoza in Argentina. At the age of 18, he moved to Buenos Aires in search of a publisher for his designs, and published his first illustrations in 1954 in the weekly magazine, “Esto es”. Since then, Quino’s humorous vignettes have appeared in vast numbers of daily and weekly publications through Latin America and Europe. His most renowned character, Malfada, debuted in 1964 in “Primera Plana” and, since 1965, has achieved extraordinary success and popularity both in Argentina and abroad. In 1984, Quino began collaborating with animation film director Juan Padrón on cinematic shorts based on his illustrations.