Autodesk Digital Award

Autodesk Digital Award is the contest whose aim is that of discovering and awarding those Italian works that contain elaborations in 3D animation, that would enrich the production with technical innovations and that belong to one of the following categories: advertisements, videogames, videoclips, techno-scientific shoots, TV theme-songs, shoots for mobile-phone companies. The contest will take place during Future Film Festival 2008.

The Digital Award, which has become a really important meeting to the all of professionals and to production and post-production societies, was born in year 2000 in order to promote and emphasize those Italian works that contain special effects and 3D animation to produce images.

The works selected for the contest have been judged by a jury made of guests of FFF (that means italian and international preofessionals working in the fields of 3D animation and computer graphics) and by an agent from Autodesk.

The winner of Autodesk Digital award is Alibi by Anthony Lamolinara (Direct2Brain); the second prize has been assigned to Making of di “Carnera” by Renzo Martinelli (EDI Effetti Digitali Italiani).

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