Future of Toons in the East

Future of Toons in the East is the section of Future Film Festival dedicated to the most interesting news coming from the Japanese world of animated TV series.
During these years the Festival has tried to show varius kinds of animation and different sperimentations in Japanese animation, which has always been able to attent new artistic ways, so that it has attained a more and more spectacular degree of refinement.

Here are the series presented :

Catblue Dynamite by Romanov Higa (European premiere)
From the author of the action scenes on Hellsing, a magnificent pilot episode competely animated in 3D and full of Hollywood-style gunfight and action.

Yonna in the Solitary Fortress (Hanare toride no Yonna) by Takeuchi Kengo (Italian premiere)
Between fantasy and videogames, a poetic 3D special realized in complete autonomy by a single animator.

The Subway by Park Saeng-kee (European premiere)
From South Korea, a series of stories of a little boy obsessed with pimples and subway rides.

Hoshizora Kiseki
Matsubara Toshikazu and Watanabe Akio
An exemple of independent production for home video or Internet by previously character designers for SoulTaker and Blame!.

Hokuro Brothers Full Throttle by Iishi Katsuhito (European premiere)
From the director of art films such as The Taste of Tea and animated in 3D, are the two “Hokuro Brothers”, characters introduced in the episode movie Funky Forest: The First Contact.

Devil May Cry by Itagaki Shin (Italian premiere)
Inspired by famous videogame Capcom, an action movie produced by MadHouse and made by the director of the Black Cat series and the scriptwriter of Ninja Scroll and Death Note.

Nasu: A Migratory Bird with Suitcase (Nasu: Suitcase no Wataridori), by Kosaka Kitaro
This is the second episode after the beautiful Nasu: Summer in Andalusia, a cycling movie by Kosaka Kitaro, long-time animator for Miyazaki Hayao, perfectly in style with Studio Ghibli.

Shigurui by Hamazaki Hirotsugu (European premiere)
A refined samurai series with a fantasy-horror setting directed by the director of Technolyze and Kon Satoshi’s new scriptwriter.

Oh! Edo Rocket by Mizushima Seiji (European premiere)
From the acclaimed authors of Fullmetal Alchemist, comes a funny fantastic account of the Edo period, the Japan of the middle nineteenth century, inspired to a stage show by Gekidan Shinkansen.

Dennô Coil by Iso Mitsuo (European premiere)
Poetic and peculiar series set in virtual world and first directorial venture of the young talent Iso Mitsuo, formerly a key animator for leading animation studios.

School Rumble Second Term (School Rumble Nigakki) by Takamatsu Shinji (Italian premiere)
A funny comedy of errors is presented and directed by the director of Gundam X and Gintama.

Tokyo Tribe 2 by Sato Tatuo (European premiere)
An accurate animated version of the violent manga by Inoue Santa, has become fashionable among city gangs, and marks the come back of the eclectic director of Nadesico and Cat Soup (Nekojiru-so).