Future Web Festival

From SL Life to the  3D web

(edited by Luca Vaglio)

This year, Future Web Festival, the traditional section of Future Film Festival dedicated to news coming from the virtual world, is going to give, during Future Film Festival 2008, a space to those artists that have explored and tested Second Life’ creative potentials from different perspectives.

Here are the guests of Future Web Festival:

Eva Mattes, Franco Mattes
Eva e Franco Mattes – aka 0100101110101101.ORG – are an Italian artist duo. They are known for controversial works, , including the staging of complicated media hoaxes. Pioneers of the Net Art movement, they have recently created works in synthetic worlds and videogames.

Marco Cadioli
A Physics gradiate, Marco Cadioli, has worked in Second Life as a net reporter under the nickname of Marco Manray since 2005. Following studies in information technologies, he began working in the field of 3D animation in 1985, and closely followed the development of new media. He teaches Digital Media, and his Second Life reports have been published by leading italian and international newspapers and magazines.