Out of Competition Films

Aliens vs Predator 2 by Greg Strause and Colin Strause (2007, USA)
In this follow-up to the worldwide hit Aliens vs Predator, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage war in the tranquil town of Gunnison, CO. A young sheriff, his ex-con best friend and a female soldier lead an ensemble of desperate townspeople when Aliens, a Predator “cleaner”, and a deadly new threat do battle.


La Crisis Carnivora by Pedro Rivero (2007, Spain)
Thanks to the Vegetarian Pact, all animals live together in peace.
But Crevel the hyena is tormented by the awareness that he will never eat meat again. Disguised as Willy the boar, Crevel tries to persuade the herbivores to join in an alliance with all the dispossessed animals to bring the felines’ power down. What the herbivores don’t know is that they are the delicacy Crevel has promised the rebel carnivores in return of their help in overthrowing the felines…

Everyone’s Hero by Christopher Reeve, Daniel St. Pierre, Colin Brady (2007, Canada-USA)
Everyone’s Hero is the story of a kid who helps the New York Yankees win the world championship in 1932 with his baseball and bat. To reach his goal, Yankee has to jump on riding trains, run through forests, meet a host of rather peculiar characters and travel through unknown places.

Film noir by D. Jud Jones, Risto Topaloski (2007, USA-Serbia)
Nighttime, LA. Our hero opens his eyes, regaining consciousness.
Parked nearby, there’s a car and a dead cop. And next to the cop, a gun. Judging by the way it fits the holster he’s wearing, it looks like our man’s the killer. And he can’t remember a damned thing – how he got there; what happened; who he is.
Sirens scream through the night – time to run.

Furusato Japan by Akio Nishizawa (2007, Japan)
The film is set in the late 1950s when Japan was just starting to recover from the damages of the war and was developing its economy.
Akira is an ordinary boy, naïve and serious. Gon is the boss. Hakase is a genius. One spring, a new female music teacher joins their class. They decide to join a singing competition at school. However, some boys at the school are found shoplifting…

Highlander: the Search for Vengeance by Yoshiaki Kawajiri (2007, USA)
The lone warrior Colin travels with the wise-cracking ghost Amergan across a desolate landscape searching for the immortal despot Marcus Octavius, who killed his lover Moya tens of centuries ago. On this quest, Colin discovers New York is in ruins, and one monolith fortress dominated a city ravaged by a deadly virus. Colin can save the survivors, but he discovers the monolith is controlled by the very one he has spent his life cheasing: Marcus himself!

Leiutajateku Lotte by Janno Põldma, Heiki Ernits (2006, Estonia-Latvia)
Lotte is a lively and joyful girl-dog living in a village somewhere on the seashore. The inhabitants of the village have a curious hobby. The invention of simple machines is held in great esteem and a yearly invention contest is the most important day in their calendar. One of the most famous inventors in the village is Oskar, the father of the energetic girl dog Lotte.

Max & Co. by Samuel Guillaume and Frédéric Guillaume (2007, Switzerland-Belgium-France-UK)
Business is down at Bzz & Co, a fly-swatter factory: there aren’t enough flies! Just as the worried shareholders resolve to rationalize production, a scientist launches in the crazy project of a race of mutant flies, which soon attack the city’s population.
Max, a young boy in search of his father, finds about the manipulations of Bzz & Co. and sets out to thwart their plan, accompanied by his new friend Félicie.

Mazu by Shih-Jen Lin (2007, Taiwan)
Mazu, an adaptation of the legend about Taiwan’s most popular deity, begins with humans inadvertently creating mutant creatures by polluting the seas. While discovering the looming crisis, the bodhisattva of mercy, Guanyin, gives a baby girl, Lin Mu-niang to a fishing family in hope that she can protect the village. But soon, the troupe of mutants led by a three-headed sea monster attack the fishing village. The eroine collapses having used the last of her strength to save the villagers. Leaving the mortal world, Lin ascends to heaven and becomes the highly revered deity Mazu.

Nocturna by Víctor Maldonado e Adrián García (2007, Spain)
In the dark of the night, when shadows grow longer and come alive, our imagination fills with fear. Only the light of the stars, streetlamps and the moon filtering through the window can turn those ghosts into recognizable shapes and dispel our fears. Tim, a timid child living in an orphanage, builds up enough courage to launch into an exciting adventure through Nocturna, a parallel world that arises every night as soon as everyone is asleep.

Piano No Mori by Masayuki Kojima (2007, Japan)
Shuhei, a fifth grade boy, moves to a rural town. He introduces his classmates to his dream of becoming a pianist.
Shuhei’s classmate Kai invites him to the “Piano Forest”. Shuhei tries to play the piano but it makes no sound. Kai, however, is able to play it somehow, even though he has never learned how to play. Shuhei’s music teacher Ajino, the one who knows the secret of the piano in the forest, asks Kai to practice piano together…

The Pixar Story by Lesile Iwerk (2007, USA)
The Pixar Story takes audiences behind the scenes of the groundbreaking company that pioneered a new generation of animation and forever changed the face of filmmaking. Using neverbefore-seen footage from the Pixar library, along with historic archival animation and first hand accounts by animators, studio executives, directors, producers and voice performers, Leslie Iwerks tells the riveting story of the Bay Area start-up that revolutionized Hollywood.

RH+ El vampiro de Sivilla by Antonio Zurera (2007, Spain)
After working for the Count Von Salchichen of Frankfurt for over five hundred years, Don Manuel Malasangre decides to take his peculiar family of vampires back to Spain. But nothing works out as planned and by accident the family gets splited up, still far away from their destination. Thus, Don Manuel ends up in New York helping an alien to save the Statue of Liberty from an evil creature and The American Vampire Union.

Vexille by Fumihiko Sori (2007, Japan)
In the 21st century, the development of high tech robots has drastically expanded.
After obtaining information that Japan is developing a new mass destruction weapon, a US special force unit, Sword, coordinated by the female commander Vexille , is ordered to find out what it is happening.


The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep by Jay Russell (2007, USA)
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep is a tale of a lonely young Scottish boy named Angus MacMorrow who yearns for the return of his father from the war. The story begins when Angus takes home a mysterious, enchanted object he finds on the beach. He soon realizes that it is a magical egg, and finds himself raising an amazing creature: the mythical “water horse” of Scottish lore.

Zhang Ga! by Sun Li-jun (2006, China)
Zhang Ga is a village boy who always dreams of becoming a hero. Amid the Sino-Japanese war, when Captain Zhong of The Eighth Route tries to hide himself from the Japanese Army in a village where Zhang Ga lives, he tries his best to help Captain Zhong. Bent on vengeance and harbouring ambitions of soldiering, Zhang Ga sets out in search of the Eighth Route. Eventually.