Special events

10 years of new technologies

Saturday January 19th, 2008 - h 5,00 p.m., Palazzo Re Enzo - Sala del Quadrante - Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

In order to celebrate Future Film Festival’s tenth anniversary Bruce Sterling, Matt Aitken fromWeta Digital and Vicki Dobbs Beck from Industrial Light & Magic will meet to discuss about new technologies applied to cinema and to ordinary life, to talk about the changes that have occured int the last ten years and to foresee what will happen in the following ten years. A series of questions and possible answers are then going to be made, to transform the tenth anniversary of Future Film Festival into a great occasion of growth.

Internet did not come to Hollywood, so Internet cared nothing for the mass audience. Internet was an alien beast, for it was nothing but choice: a blind, buzzing mass of flying digital packets. Once Internet had its millions of legs firmly under it, Internet savagely attacked both Television and Cinema: Internet was pirate and liberator, Dark Age and Renaissance all at once.” Bruce Sterling

Bruce Sterling
Bruce Sterling, author, journalist, editor and critic was born in Brownsville, Texas, in 1954. His debut as a writer was in 1976, with the short story Man-Made Self, published inside the Lone Star Universe, a sci-fi antology written by authors from Texas. The following year he publishes his first novel, Involution Ocean. After publishing The Artificial Kid in 1980, Sterling enters the Cyberpunk movement, becoming soon one of its best representatives. In 1985, comes Schismatrix, the book through witch he becomes popular. In 2000 he writes Zeitgeist: a Novel of Metamorphosis. Best known for his eight science fiction novels, Sterling also writes short stories, book reviews, design criticism, opinion colums, and introductions of books, ranging from Ernst Juenger to Jules Verne. His nonfiction works include The Hacker Crackdown: Law and Disorder on the electronic frontier (1992) and Tomorrow Now: envisioning the next fifty years (2003). He is a contributing editor of WIRED magazine and also writes a weblog.

Vicki Dobbs Beck
Vicki Dobbs Beck has nineteen years of broad-based management experience in the entertainment industry. Currently ampia esperienza nella gestione dell’industria dell’entertainment. Attualmente, Vicki is the Executive in Charge of Business Operations at Industrial Light & Magic, a Lucasfilm Ltd. company. In this capacity, Beck bridges production, technology, operations and finance, and plays a lead role in developing and implementing and strategic initiatives across departments as well as business units.

Matt Aitken
Matt has worked at Weta Digital since the early days of the company, supervising computer graphics on
many film projects including The Frighteners (1996), Contact (1997), and I, Robot (2004). Mattwas Digital
Models Supervisor on The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Pre-production and R&D Supervisor for King Kong (2005), Visual Effects Supervisor on Bridge to Terabithia (2007) and Consulting Pre-Production Supervisor on The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep.

Hog-time TV

Wednesday January 16th, 2008 - h 3,oo pm, Palazzo Re Enzo - Sala del Quadrante - Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

A special place is reserved to Italian TV and free-to-air and satellite channels that broadcast animation. The Future Film Festival invites Cartoon Network, RAI, Mediaset (Italia Uno), Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and MTV to look at the connection between animation and TV during the last decade, the present and future developments of a relationship which seems to become tighter by the day.
With the participation of:
- Jaime Ondarza, Cartoon Network managing director
- Fabrizio Margaria, Mediaset’s Children Broadcast Scheduling director
- Roberta Ponticiello, MTV Italia’s Programming and Acquisition department
- Massimo Bruno, in charge of Nickelodeon Italia’s programs and production
- Annita Romanelli, Rai Fiction project manager
- Gianfranco Noferi, in charge of RaiSat Yoyo, RaiSat Smash and RAI Gulp
- Patricia Hidalgo, Walt Disney Television Italia programming director.

(Cine)blogger to the Future

(edited by Andrea Bruni)

Friday January 18th, 2008 - h 3,oo pm Palazzo Re Enzo - Sala del Capitano - Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

Future Film Festival tenth edition will host, with great pleasure, the round table named (Cine)bloggers to the Future: a discussion forum on this form of language, an expanding phenomenon identified as a Promised Land for temporarily strayed and estranged critics.
With the participation of: Lorenzo Bertolucci (Ohdaesu), Francesco Chignola (Kekkoz), Roy Menarini, Sara Sagrati (Sarathehutt) and the collective Seconda Visione.

Italiani@ FFF.4

Thursday January 17th, 2008 - h 3,00 pm Palazzo Re Enzo - Sala del Capitano - Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna 

While looking for new ideas in animation and special effects, the Future Film Festival renews its interest in Italy’s production companies. In particular Ubik, former guest of some of the previous editions of the festival, presents Time Voyagers, a high-resolution stereoscopic 3D movie for the new 4D theater in the Gardaland theme park. Lumiq, presents the just completed feature film Donkey Xote and the making of the movie. In the end, Rainbow, the company that realized the film Winx – Il segreto del regno perduto (Winx – The Secret of the Lost Kingdom), presents the making of the movie.

With the participation of: Carlo Alfano and Francesco Bevione from Lumiq Studios, Iginio Straffi from Rainow, Franco Valenziano from Ubik.

The short movies of Valencia Polytechnic

Sunday January 20th, 2008 - h 3,00 pm Palazzo Re Enzo – Sala del Capitano - Piazza del Nettuno, Bologna

Following the great success of the last years, Future Film Festival will propose a new meeting with one of the worldwide schools of animation, in order to give young people gifted with creativity a chance to enlarge their perspectives in the animation field, through meeting with teachers and presentation of the works of students. At the same time, teachers will have the chance to let people be aware of their school, encouraging a cutural exchange between different countries. This year, Future Film Festival will host the Polytechnic of Valencia, Animation Course, while Miquel Àngel Guillem Romeu, Director Departamento Dibujo, will meet the audience of FFF and will present a selection of the best short movies by students of the school.