Tribute to Spain

Pantalla Animada –A Tribute to Spanish Animation

(edited by Susanna Corchia)

With great pleasure, Future Film Festival will pay a tribute to the production of Spanish animated films. The Spanish “animated screen” is a complex picture, made of production crises and bold Disneyesque and Eastern-style artistic impetuses. The tribute starts with a jump to the past, to the first Spanish animation feature ever produced, namely Garbancito de la Mancha (1942-1945), by Arturo Moreno and José Maria Blay, a milestone in Spanish animation. Pantalla Animada gives then a deep look at contemporary productions,  among mainstream works and independent movies.

For example FFF will present the productions of Zinkia Entertainmen, the historic B.R.B. company and a long series of emerging production companies, founded by young professionals with new creativity and business attitude.

Besides, the festival will show a selection of works realized by students of cinema schools, new emerging talents in this field. Pedro Medina, director of the animation festival Animadrid, and Emilio De la Rosa Paredes, a special guest of the FFF, have cured a showcase of the best animated shorts of the last twenty years.