3D Day

After the first Italian meeting about stereoscopy in the cinema, organized and promoted by Future Film Festival in January 2009, FFF2010 presents again a day panel and different screenings to evaluate the state of 3D stereoscopic art, the new cinematic revolution, that today involve also TV and videogames. Antonio Autieri, Box Office director is the coordinator of the 3dDAY.

3dDAY – screenings

Saturday, January 30th
Teatro Duse (Via Cartoleria 42) at 8 pm
- The Ppreview of 56 minutes from the new Dreamworks movie, Dragon Trainer, by Dean Deblois and Chris Sanders (USA,2010).
The Dreamworks (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda) new work Dragon Trainer dips the audience into a legendary world populated by dragons and fighting Vikings .
As usual, the movie offers an adrenaline mix of action and humor, narrative complexity and an advanced level of technical realization. Italian distribution by Universal.

- A preview of first minutes of Toy Story 3 3D, by Lee Unrich (USA, 2010). In absolute preview for Italy we could see the first minutes of Toy Story 3 3D. In partnership with Buena Vista International Italia.

- the preview of The Hole 3D by Joe Dante (Canada / Usa, 2009, 98 minutes)
Joe Dante, author of Gremlins, comes back with a 3D thriller that explores the fears and secrets hidden in the human mind. Discovering a hole in the basement at their home, the brothers Dane and Lucas begin to match against the Evil and the deepest nightmares. Italian distribution by Medusa.

Sunday, January 31st
Teatro Duse (Via Cartoleria 42, Bologna)
at 2.30 pm
- the screening of Toy Story 1 3D (81 minutes, USA, 2009)
at 4.15 pm
- the screening of Toy Story 2 3D (92 minutes, USA, 2009)
On the occasion of the imminent release of Toy Story 3 3D, the Future Film Festival presents again the first two chapter of the saga as you have never seen before, that are updated with new stereoscopic techniques and even more spectaculars.

3dDAY – the panel

On Saturday, January 30th
Palazzo Re Enzo (Piazza del Nettuno), Bologna
at 9,30 am
3dDAY: case study of Italian production
- The flight by Wim Wenders. Speakers: Giampiero Piazza (stereography, partner of Lilliwood), Francesca Tornimbeni (stereography, partner of Lilliwood), Gianfranco Borgatti (co-productor of the movie, product manager of Lilliwood and owner of Borgatti Musical Edition) 
- the production of Gocciole spot 3d (PostOffice). Speaker: Pietro Carlomagno (stereography)
- da Bologna a Chicago un Big Bang in 3D “state of the art”. Speaker: Antonella Guidazzoli (Cineca) and Giosuè Boetto

At 2.30 pm
3dDAY: motion – picture exhibitors/ distributors, the market news
Nicola Maccanico, Warner Bros Italy general director
Giulio Carcano, Walt Disney Italy Sales Manager
Michele Napoli,  Anica distributing section president and Filmauro commercial director
Giuseppe Corrado, The Space Cinema managing director
Gianluca Pantano, UCI Italia program director
Gianantonio Furlan, Furlan Cinemas and theaters owner
Andrea Maluccelli, Agis (Emilia Romagna) president
Gino Zagari, Anem secretary – general
Raid Ohanian, Twentieth Century Fox Italia Sales Manager
At 4.30 pm
3dDAY: technological section
Pier Carlo Ottoni – Digima SpA general director
Andrea Tito – Panasonic Italia SpA TV marketing manager
Christian Casati - Iberia & Italy - Professional Solution of PNY Sales Manager

More info: www.3d-day.it