FFF2010: the winners

Panique au village by Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar is the winner of FFF2010 Platinum Grand Prize! The jury made up of the illustrator Francesca Ghermandi, the writer and musician Emidio Clementi and the journalist Nick Vivarelli has assigned the prize to Panique au village and a special mention to Edison & Leo by Neil Burns.
The Future Film Short jury made up of the cartoonist Vittorio Giardino, the journalist Franco Giubilei and the director Matteo Stanzani has assigned the Premio della Giuria - Provincia di  Bologna (1000 euros) for the best short to The Lighthouse Keeper by David Francois, Rony Hotin, Heremie Moreau, Baptiste Rogron, Gaëlle Thierry, Maïlys Vallade and the special mention to De si près by Remi Durin.
The FFF audience has assigned the Premio del Pubblico Groupama for the best shorts to Fard byDavid Alapont and Luis Briceno (1000 euros) and to The Man is the Only Bird that Carries his own Cage by Claude Weiss (500 euros).

Sunday 31st

At a cracking pace until the last day! Keen about motion graphics are invited to the meeting with The graphic designer Rob Chiu, who will introduce a selection of his best short films and the meeting with Misha Rozema, co-founder of Post Panic.
Among the most important daily preview: Gamer, with the comeback of Gerald Butler from 300, in a science-fiction movie with a pessimistic eye on the future of the videogames.; Mc Dull, Kung fu Kindergarten, from Hong Kong the animated film that complete the tetralogy about tender piglet McDull and for SeriesMania Mazinger Edition Z! The Impact!, a revisited modern version of the “Prince of the Robot” that does justice to original story.
In the evening will have place the prize giving with the Platinum Grand Prize for the best competition film and a Prize from the Jury and Groupama Pubblic for Future Film Short.
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Saturday 30th

It’s the 3dDAY: fifth Future Film Festival day dedicated to stereoscopic 3D with a panel which will be attended by persons involved in the work, shopkeeper and distributors to consider and explore present and future of this new technology and 3D previews screenings as Dragon Trainer and the preview of the first minutes of Toy Story 3.
Among the daily previews: Nat e il segreto di Eleonora, one of the most interesting european 2D animation movie of the last years; the namesake cult manga inspired fanta-horror King of Thorn and durino the whole night Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl, new amazing horror “madness” by Yoshihiro Nishimura.

Friday 29th

It’s the First Time for Canuck Animation! Find out the Canadian animation and its guest stars, during the round table about it. About stop-motion animation tribute don’t miss the meeting with David Sproxton, Aardman Animation co-founder, the famous plasticine animation specialized studio (Hen on the Run, Wallace&Gromit).
In the evening everybody to the Festa del Plenilunio – Aspettando Wolfman! Waiting for the Wolfman’s release, the first howling will start at Locomotive Club. Dj set by Città del Capo – Radio Metropolitanae Vj with exclusive pictures from the same movie.

Thursday 28th

The third FFF day introduces the expected tribute to stop-motion with a round table with the special guests Allison Abbate, Fantastic Mr Fox, David Sproxton, Aardman co-founder and the artist Osbert Parker.
Another previews bellyful is waiting for you: the fantasy film for kids, rich in amazing special effects and innovative and remarkable visual ideas, Under the Mountain , fine stop- motion animation dark movie for adults. Edison & Leo; from one of the most important stop-motion animation schoolmaster, Jirì Barta, In the Attic and during the whole night the “crazy” Bumba Atomica, the only one FFF italian film.

Wednesday 27th

The second FFF day. Its full-time planning get starts and here comes the most expected guest’s day, Joe Letteri, Senior Visual Effects of Avatar who will show the making of the last James Cameron masterpiece. Don’t miss first lesson about Saul Bass work, great titles maker and Motion Graphics schoolmaster. Among the other daily preview: the animation war movie First Squad, The Moment of Truth and the come back on direction by Rintaro (Metropolis, Captain Harlock) with the fantasy film for kids Yona Yona Penguin.

Tuesday 26th

The twelfth Future Film Festival edition has begun! Six days full in animation or live action with special effects preview, famous guests, unforgettable gifts.
Official opening with the last cinematogaphic season novelty, the stereoscopic 3D: put on your glasses, FFF will present the preview of the thriller The Hole 3D by Joe Dante.
Since festival first day there will be some incredible film competition preview as Goemon, a movie full of visual effects, or the funny puppet animation movie Panique au Village.


The schoolmaster Rintaro (Metropolis, Capitan Harlock) comes back with Yona Yona Penguin, a fantasy setting film for children that mark MadHouse Studio’s debut in the Computer-Graphic production. Every night, little Coco slips out of her house and explores, dressed in a special penguin suit - a present from her long-lost father. She’s convinced that, one day, it will allow her to fly. (…)
Screenings: January 27th, 6pm at Teatro Duse (via Cartoleria, 42)
January 28th at 11,45am at Teatro Duse.
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Bumba Atomika - Midnight Madness

It’s the only Italian movie at FFF but it doesn’t seem it. The first  Michele Senesi’s full-lenght film, Bumba Atomika, will be screened on January 28th at midnight.
The movie is a pastiche with narrative and stylistic rhythms quite some Asian cinema, differing from our cinema stereotypes. From Marche will arrive on 28th the Bumba Bus with the staff of the movie. Get ready for the worst.

Program is online!

Look at FFF2010 program and plan the days from January 26th to 31st! Among the competition and out of competition previews, will be given prominence to Japanese animation cinema and live action such as Goemon by Kazuaki Kiriya,
director of the visionary blockbuster Casshern, also appreciated in Italy and FFF 2006 preview. Goemon, hyper-kinetic and full of visual effects videogame-movie, is based on the namesake character, really existed and known as the “Japanese Robin Hood”.

The Hole at 3dDAY

On 30th and 31st January Future Film Festival presents the 3dDAY, a special programme dedicated to the stereoscopic 3D. Amongst the 3D previews, The Hole by Joe Dante, a 3D thriller exploring fears and the hidden secrets in the meander of the human mind. The discovery of the hole in the house basement, brings the brothers Dane and Lucas to match against the evil and the deepest nightmares.

Les Lascars in competition

A special jury made up of the artist Francesca Ghermandi, the musician and writer Emidio Clementi and the journalist Nick Vivarelli, will award the Platinum Grand Prize for the best Future Film Festival movie.
Amongs movie competition, Les Lascars by Emmanuel Klotz and Albert Pereira-Lazaro: a fine example of a serial project adaptation to the cinema times and style. Tony Merguez and Josè Frelate, two young inhabitants of the banlieue, are finally ready to go to vacation but they find again without neither tickets nor money, with unpredictable consequences and results.

Films out of competition, Eleonor Secret

Amongst out of competition movies, one of the European most interesting animated film of the last years, Eleonor Secret enriched by a traditional 2D animation. Nat inherits a whole library from his aunt Eléonore. This is surely an eccentric gift, but Nat is really amazed when realizes that every night all the most famous books for children characters go out of the pages to explore the world.

Vampire Girl, excesses are coming at FFF!

After the success of the splatter movie Tokyo Gore Police, presented at the last FFF, the director Yoshihiro Nishimura comes back to FFF presenting the new amazing horror, Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl, directed with Naoyuki Tomomatsu.
This is one of the movies that FFF will present at Midnight Madness, the section of the FFF program for the horror or mad movies screened during the night. Soon other titles!

Joe Letteri, Senior VFX Supervisor of Avatar, will attend the FFF

Waiting for the Academy Awards nominations, Avatar by James Cameron (release date: December 18th) has just obtained a Golden Globes nomination as Best Motion Picture and it will be one of the most important movie phenomenons of the last years. Future Film Festival is glad to have as special guest Joe Letteri, a Director of Weta Digital and Senior VFX Supervisor of Avatar. Letteri will give a Keynote Speech on 27th 2010 and will present the making of the amazing movie.
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FFF2010: Advance News

Focus on Saul Bass&Motion Graphics, stop-motion, the 3dDAY and the best movies in animation or with special vfx as previews from all over the world: read the advance news of Future Film Festival 2010!

FFF at Torino Film Festival

Do you attend the Torino Film Festival? If will be in Torino on Sunday, come at the cocktail of Future Film Festival 2010! Toast the 12th edition that will take place from January 26th to 31st and find the fist news about the programme.
The date: Turin, November 15th 2009, 6 pm, Palazzo Graneri della Roccia (Via Bogino 9)

Waiting for FFF2010 new image

What will be the new FFF2010 symbol-image? A sculpture, a wall-paiting, a photo or what else? Waiting for the new image, think back over the images of eleventh FFF editions.

FFF in Venice

FFF comes back to the Venice Film Festival and, amongst the screenings, it presents its 12th edition and the news about the event that will take place in Bologna from 26th to 31st January.

If you are in Venice, participate in the FFF presentation on September 5th, 6,30 pm, at Ausonia&Hungaria Hotel (Gran Viale Santa Maria Elisabetta, 28) Lido di Venezia.


  • Alberto Ronchi, Councillor for Culture of Emilia-Romagna Region;
  • Maura Pozzati, Councillor for Culture of Bologna Province;
  • Luciano Sita, Councillor for Production Assets of Bologna City.

A shuttle bus will be available to arrive at the Hotel from 6pm to 7pm.
The shuttle starts at the Casinò termibus.

FFF goes to Annecy

FFF comes back to the Annecy Festival (June 8-13, France)! If you will be in Annecy, meet us at stand 4416 (MIFA, Centre de Congrès de L’Impérial Palace 32 avenue d’Albigny), an amazing givaway waiting for you!

The new entry forms

Now the entry forms are available! You can join the XII edition of FFF with your short of feature film in animation or with special effects

FFF XII: save the date

The next and twelfth edition of Future Film Festival will take place in Bologna, from 26th to 31st January 2010.

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