Saul Bass & Motion Graphics

Design is thinking made visual” Saul Bass

The FFF2010 programme will present a special date with Motion Graphics.

Future Film Festival will focus on some key figures of contemporary motion graphics as Mischa Rozema, cofounder of Post Panic, the production company based in Holland, and author of commercials and videos for well known brands as Nike and MTV, and the English artist Rob Chiu, (alias The Ronin)  author of a lot of works for Nokia, BBC, EMI, Greenpeace. They will attend the FFF and deliver workshops and meetings adressed to professionals.
The FFF will focus on also their source of inspiration: the work by Saul Bass, great opening titles’ author and pioneer of motion graphics. Bass realized the graphic opening titles of Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder, Vertigo and Psyco by Alfred Hitchcock.

Thanks to the special collaboration with, the point of refecence website for the people keen on motion graphics, a special selection with the best motion graphics works of the last years will be presented at FFF.

The focus on contemporary Motion Graphics will be follow by a selection of works by Saul Bass. The designer Kai Christmann (Design Films) will deliver two lessons on Saul Bass:
- Bass Begins: until 1959
- Bass at Large: from Psycho (1960) to Casinò (1996)

The lessons will be followed by the screenings of the original opening titles by Saul Bass and by today designers who mention the master.