UFO5 for FFF

UFO5, young Italian wallpainter, is the artist who is creating the FFF2010 image. Ufo5 will realize, during the next days, “Orfismo Volante Non Intenzionale 5” the icon-wallpainting of the new Festival edition. Among symbols and signs of his imaginary, UFO 5 will interpret the Future Film Festival changeable identity.
Why collaborate with an artist?
Since its first edition, Future Film Festival has created a strong link with visual arts: every year the Festival asks an artist of the last generation to create an original work that will become an image-icon of FFF, looking for links and synergies between cinema, visual arts, photography.

The FFF art work-icons


Matteo Capobianco, stage name Ufocinque, is a young artist well-know in the European street-art survey with a lot of collaborations, exhibitions and works in abandoned places.
Ufocinque underlines the simplicity of the signs with bidimensional drawings with lines and flat colours. The techniques are all good, he works with a planning approach that binds the sign by function/form to create a message to all the people with different levers of interpretations.

The last events:
Street Art Galleria Amantes Torino 2008
Junk-Building Triennale Milano 2008
Sopra il sotto Milano 2009
Terzo Asalto Saragozza 2009
Non è giusto ma è normale solo show Biokip Gallery Milano 2009