In competition films

CJ7: the Cartoon
By Toe Yuen, Hong Kong, 2010 (83 min., HDcam, V.O. With italian subtitles)
Produced by the greatest comedian of Hong Kong Stephen Chow (Shaolin Soccer, Kung Fu Hustle), CJ7: The Cartoon is a cartoon version of CJ7, directed and starred in the 2008 film by the same Chow. Toe Yuen director, animator and director of Hong Kong is already famous for the first movie about the pig McDull, presented with great success at the Future Film Festival 2004.
The story follows the adventures of CJ7, funny alien capable of absorbing and releasing a mysterious energy, which is adopted from the small Dicky and his father, Ti Chow. Of course, the ability of the little alien prove an endless source of trouble for the family, who must also make sure to arrive later this month.

European Preview
20th – at 17.00pm - Cinema Teatro Duse

Colorful Karafuru
di Keiichi Hara, Giappone 2010 (127 min., HDcam, V.O. con s/t in italiano)
Diretto da un promettente autore di animazione, già regista di Un’estate con Coo (2007), Colourful è una delicata ma inquietante fiaba fantastica, che sta facendo incetta di riconoscimenti e premi in Giappone (Mainichi Film Award; Award of Excellence alla Nippon Academy - Sho Association).
L’anima di un defunto ha la possibilità di redimersi, ma per farlo si deve reincarnare nel corpo di un quattordicenne, Makoto, anch’egli recentemente scomparso. L’anima ha pochissimo tempo per rimediare al suo più grosso errore commesso in vita, e allo stesso tempo scoprire cosa abbia spinto Makoto a togliersi la vita.
20 aprile – ore 14.30 - Cinema Teatro Duse

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame Di Renjie
by Tsui Hark, Cina-Hong Kong 2010 (122 min., 35 mm, V.O. With italian subtitles)
After the tribute in his honor in 2004, the greatest director of Hong Kong, Tsui Hark, returns to the Future Film Festival with a flaming sword and sorcery movie costume set in China 600 AD The film is peppered with a weird yellow martial arts, where the renegade Dee, the disgraced former judge, seeks to unravel a complex maze of the court, which seriously threatens the reign of Empress Wu. Amazing work, which returns to the genre that Tsui was reinvented in the ’80s, surpassing by far the most famous and similar films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Hero.
23th april – at 12.00 am- Cinema Teatro Duse

Dreams of Jinsha Meng hui Jinsha Cheng
by Daming Chen, Cina 2010 (85 min., 35mm, V.O. With italian subtitles
Dreams of Jinsha is a precious example of the continued growth of the animation of China, an ambitious and moving great film, ready to conquer the western audiences.
Xiao Long, a student at school, suddenly finds himself transported back in time 3000 years to the kingdom of Jinsha, a beautiful and magical, but threatened by an evil force. Found to have a special symbiotic relationship with nature, Xiao Long chooses to defend the ancient kingdom, next to the beautiful princess Hau’er.
European Preview
23th april – at18.00 pm- Cinema Teatro Duse

by Geoff Marslett, USA, 2010 (90 min., Blu-Ray, V.O.with italian subtitles)
Mars is an original American independent film animation, a mix of science fiction and comedy made with the technique of rotoscoping (the technique is to “trace” the drawing with live action - as in Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly Richard Linkhlater). The essential visual stylization Chosen by the director is more reminiscent of a graphic novel Than A cartoon classic.
Starring Mark Duplass, one of the gurus of the new American independent cinema, daily life and tells stories of love Between astronauts living on Mars, but they think and talk about common situations.
Italian Preview
21th april– at 14.00 - Cinema Teatro Duse

No Longer Human Aoi bungaku: Ningenshikkaku
by Morio Asaka, Giappone 2009 (80 min., 35 mm, V.O. With italian subtitles)
Psychological adaptation of the novel written by Osamu Dazai Shikkuaku Ningen in 1948, No Longer Human in a single feature film of the same name four episodes of the animated series Aoi Bungaku, production studio MadHouse inspired by the classics of Japanese literature. Directed by Morio Asaka, former director of the anime series Gunslinger Girl Nana, No Longer Human uses of design by Takeshi Obata, the famous author of Death Note, which makes it even more disturbing story in the first person is described as the memorandum Oba Yôzô life, unable to reveal its dark side to the other and forced to maintain a facade of normality. His personality shows through visions expressions, such as from a painter’s palette neutral.
European Preview
22th april – at 18.30pm - Cinema Teatro Duse

by Greg Mottola, USA, 2011 (104 min., 35 mm., V.O.with italian subtitles)
Directed by the excellent indie director Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) and interpreted by the two English demented movie star Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz), Paul celebrates the unlikely encounter, exciting and successful among three absolute talents of intelligent cinema entertainment.
Two big fans of science fiction film directed by camper on a journey to the mysterious “Area 51 ” where he established a secret military base. The dream of the two boys will come when they meet Paul, an alien on the run from the base.
Italian Preview
22th april – at 22.00pm - Cinema Teatro Duse

Symphony in August: Shibuya 2002-2003 8-gatsu no Symphony ― Shibuya 2002-2003
by Akio Nishizawa, Giappone 2010 (118 min., 35mm, with italian subtitles)
The return of the greatest director of Nitaboh and voices of our youth, both screened and applauded at the Future Film Festival in 2006 and 2008. The sixteen Ai moved to Tokyo alone, dreaming of becoming a famous singer. Soon discovers that life in a big city is harder than expected, and he finds himself singing in the street to make ends meet
European Preview
22th april – at 14.00pm - Cinema Teatro Duse