Out of Competition Films

Red Riding Hood
by Catherine Hardwicke, USA, 2011 (139 min., 35 mm, V.O.with italian subtitles)
Directed by the ex independent director Catherine Harwicke (Thirteen, Lords of Dogtown, Twilight), Red Riding Hood it’s a gothic horror reinterpretation of the famous tale , made memorable by the contrast between red and white. The movies is indebted to In the company of wolves by Neil Jordan and strongly desired by the producer Leonardo Di Caprio.The protagonist is the young rising star Amanda Seyfried ( TV Big Love , Letters to Juliet, Mamma mia, Chloe), comed abroast of Gary Oldman, Julie Christie e Virginia Madsen.
italian Preview
20th april– at 21.00 pm – Cinema Teatro Duse

The Borrower Arrietty Karigurashi no Arietti
di Hiromasa Yonebayashi, Giappone, 2010 (93 min., 35 mm, V.O. with italian subtitles)
A new film of the acclaimed Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, directed by a newcomer, a promising young Japanese animation. The movie is based on the book The Borrowers by the english Mary Norton.
The Borrowers are a short of “little people”, just over 10 cm high, who lives beneath the floorboards “borrowing” usual objects from the homes . Accidentally one day the fourteen Arietty Borrowers meets the young Sho who spend his convalescence to his old grandmother’s house, so the young guys fall in love. Their love will cross a thousand obstacles.
22th april – at 16.30pm.– Cinema Teatro Duse

The Guardians of Fate The Adjustment Bureau
byGeorge Nolfi, USA, 2011 (106 min., 35 mm, V.O. with italian subtitles)
Freely adapted from the short story by Philip K.Dick, Adjustment Team, the film is played by Matt Damon and by the celebrated Emily Blunt ( The Devil Wears Prada. The complex plot is centered on a congressman whose political future is being challenged by uncontrollable events and by the arrival in his life of a dancer and mysterious figures who say they aim to control of the world.
Italian Preview
23th april– at 20.00 P.M. - Cinema Teatro Duse

Surviving Life Prezít svuj zivot
by Jan Svankmajer, Repubblica Ceca, 2010 (105 min., 35 mm, V.O. with italian subtitles)
Great return of one of then absolute master of stop-motion animation, Jan Svankmajer ( Alice, Conspirators of Pleasure, Little Otik), with a moviee compendium of all the obsessions of is career, from the psychoanalysis to surrealism, from the grotesque to the passion for objects and distorted sounds, all served by its distinctive black humor. The movie, a live-action special effects with hand made, is a journey into the unconscious of a man who living two lives: that of all days was marred by a boring marriage and the dream, where he attended a beautiful girl. Due to an obscure ritual, the protagonist manages to enter the world of his own dreams whenever he wishes, but the situation is bound to get complicated when the girl gets pregnant.
22th april – at 12.00am – Cinema Teatro Duse

by Fumihiko Sori, Giappone 2009 (80 min., HDcam, V.O. with italian subtitles)
A new computer graphics movie made by the director Sori after the internation success of Vexille, To is the animated version of two chapters of the manga sci-fi 2001 Nights, fascinating epic on the conquest of space made by the author Yukinobu Hoschino in the Eighties. The chapter Elliptical Orbit ( Daena Kido) revolves around the space cannon called Moonlight Bazooka, by which the land send raw materials to the first colony established on the Moon. In Symbiotic Planet ( Kyosei Wakusei) man has also land conflicts in the colonies outside the solar system, causing the reaction from the same planet invaded.
Italian Preview
22th april – at 14.30pm – Cinema Teatro Duse

The Ugly Duckling Gadkij Utenok
by Garri Bardin, Russia, 2010 (75 min., 35 mm, V.O. with italian subtitles)
An unusual egg hatched in a courtyard opens to reveal an odd duck: it is unlike any other and all the poultry in the backyard thinks is ugly. In this movie the duckling is clay, while all the other birds ( geese, ducks, turkeys) are feathered. The music of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake are the soundtrack to the adventures of the ugly duckling.
22th april – at 10.00 am – Cinema Teatro Duse

World Invasion Battle Los Angeles
by Jonathan Liebesman, USA, 2011(90 min., 35 mm, V.O. with italian subtitles)
Fast-paced science fiction movie, directed by the director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre- The Beginning, the famous prequel The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( 2003).
For years, are documented cases of UFO sightings around the world: Buenos Aires, Seoul, France, Germany, China. But in 2011, when the Earth is under attack by unknown forces, those were the only sightings become a terrifying reality. While humans see the destruction of the world’s largest cities, Los Angeles remains the last hope of humanity in a battle that nobody expected. A Marine sergeant (Aaron Eckhart) and his new team will be asked to take a stand and defend the world from an enemy never seen before.

21st april – at 22.00pm - Cinema Teatro Duse