Tribute to Luc Besson

Guest of honor at the Future Film Festival 2011, Luc Besson. On 21 April, in the heart of the Future Film Festival in 2011, Luc Besson will premier national his latest film.

Adele and the enigma of the Pharaoh Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec
by Luc Besson, Francia, 2010 (107 min., 35 mm, italian)
By Les aventures extraordinaires d’Adèle Blanc-Sec faces his most difficult and ambitious challenge, to confront the famous cartoon of the same name by Jacques Tardi. The resulting film is shining and full of invention, not to be missed.
1912. The intrepid young journalist and Adèle Blanc-Sec is ready to anything to achieve his goals, and will come to Egypt to deal with mummies of all shapes and sizes! But meanwhile, Paris is in the grip of total panic: an egg pterodactyl 136 million years ago, preserved in a reliquary of the Museum of Natural History has opened up suddenly and mysteriously releasing a bird that terrorizes the skies of the city ..
23th april– at 10.00am – Cinema Teatro Duse

Arthur and the Invisibles
Arthur et les Minimoys by Luc Besson, Francia, 2006 (102 min., 35 mm, italian)
The first chapter in the saga of Arthur, taken from the novel of the same Besson, Arthur and the Invisibles is an extraordinary adventure film suitable for all ages. Arthur, a ten year old boy, is fascinated by the stories his grandmother tells him, thanks to which dream world populated by strange creatures and goblins, described in a book that belonged to his grandfather, who died mysteriously some years earlier. To try to decipher a puzzle game that is in the book of his grandfather and that should allow him to find a treasure in the garden of his grandparents’ house. The surprise and amazement when they are large, and succeed, is a magical world inhabited by tribes of the Minimoys, goblins Africans no higher than a few millimeters
21th april– at 12.00am – Cinema Teatro Duse

Arthur and the revenge of Maltazard Arthur et la vengeance de Maltazard
by Luc Besson, Francia 2009 (93 min., 35 mm, italian)
Second, dramatic chapter in the saga of Arthur. We’re almost at the end of the tenth lunar cycle and finally Arthur (Freddie Highmore), again returned to the family holiday in the country house of Villa Granny, will return to the land of the Minimoys and embrace Selenia. But Arthur’s father chose this day so long awaited, to announce that it intends to terminate his short stay in Villa Granny. While they are about to leave, a spider in the hands of Arthur with a grain of rice carved out an SOS: There is no doubt, Selenia is in danger!
21th april – at 15.30pm – Cinema Teatro Duse

Arthur 3 - The Two Worlds War Arthur et la Guerre des deux mondes
by Luc Besson, Francia, 2010 (103 min., 35 mm, V.O. With italian subtitles)
Latest in the popular trilogy written and directed by Luc Besson (The Fifth Element, Leon). From his series of novels based on the character of Arthur, the film tells of the final battle against the evil Maltazard. The story begins exactly where it ended the previous chapter, with Arthur or trapped in the form of the Minimoys, then the top 2 mm, and maltazard magnified two and a half meters. So begins the unequal struggle. The special effects are signed Buf Compagnie, the same French studio that produced the animation of the previous two chapters.
Italian Preview
21th april – at 10.00 am– Cinema Teatro Duse
21th april – at 18.30 pm - Cinema Teatro Duse

The Fifth Element
by Luc Besson, FRANCIA, 1997 (126 min., Blue Ray, V.O. With italian subtitles)
The most international of the great successes of Luc Besson is a spectacular post-modern epic that mixes science fiction, action and cartoon-like rhythms, leaving the viewer breathless.
A student of archeology, in 1914, is studying the hieroglyphics that lead him to unravel the mystery of the four elements that dominate the earth. Among the inscriptions, however, reference is made to a fifth element, but at this point, a group of mysterious aliens takes possession of the hieroglyphics …
20th april – at 10.00am - Cinema Teatro Duse