Juan José Campanella

After graduating from NYU film school, Juan José Campanella started his career in the US, working on TV series such as Dr House and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. He wrote and directed the films The Same Love Same Rain (1999), The Son of the Bride (2001), Avellaneda’s Moon (2004) and The Secret in their Eyes (2009), as well as the critically acclaimed Spanish TV series Vientos de Agua (2006). Campanella was awarded two Emmys for his work in the United States and has been nominated twice in the best foreign film category at the Oscars®, winning in 2010 for the film The Secret in Their Eyes, which also won a Goya for the Best Latin America film. 

Thibaut Chatel

At 25, Thibaut Chatel founded Torpedo, a production company, and directed commercials and music videos. In 1991 he formed the Studio Animage team with Frank and Jacqueline Monsigny Bertrand. In the following 12 years the studio produced more than 400 half-hour animations, including Les Miserables (1992), Kangoo (1996), Chris Colorado (2000). In 2003, Thibaut set up a new production company, Label Anim, specialising in animation, where he was joined by Guillaume Galliot. He wrote and directed several animated series: Kangoo Junior 2, Kung-Foot and Teletoon and Magic Planet. 

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Remi Chayè

Remi Chayè has started his career as storyboard artist for the 1997 TV series Carland Cross. He has worked as a director for the shorts Le cheval rouge, Grand-père and Eaux fortes (2000).



Graham Arthur Chapman

Graham Arthur Chapman (8 January 1941 – 4 October 1989) was an English comedian, writer, actor, and one of the six members of the surreal comedy group Monty Python.

He was educated at Melton Mowbray Grammar School and studied medicine at St Bartholomew's Medical College and later atEmmanuel College, Cambridge. He was an avid fan of radio comedy from an early age, becoming especially drawn to that of The Goon Show. In the introduction to Chapman's (2005/2006) posthumous anthology, Jim Yoakum notes that "the radio shows didn't necessarily make him laugh. Only a select few got chuckles from young Chapman including Frankie Howerd, the team of Jimmy Jewel and Ben Warriss,It's That Man AgainEducating ArchieTake It From Here and Much-Binding-in-the-Marsh. 'I especially liked Robert Moreton, although no one else seemed to like him very much.

He would do things like tell jokes the wrong way around and switch punch lines. He was obviously a very good comedian and was ahead of his time. The appearance of incompetence was wonderful. He was one of my heroes.' But the show that truly astounded Graham, and was a major influence on his comedy was The Goon Show".

Chapman states "from about the age of seven or eight I used to be an avid listener of a radio programme called The Goon Show. In fact, at that stage I wanted to be a Goon" .

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Cho Jong-duck

Cho Jong – duck was born in Tongyeong, a south province of Gyeonsang, in 1976. He graduated at Kyung – hee University, one of the best painting schools in Korea, he worked for the Oh! Production of Tokyo and lately he grant a diploma to the Korea Academy of Film Arts, in the animation sector. Already director of many short film, among them the many times awarded The Place of Man of 2012.


Lu Chuan

Lu Chuan is a Chinese filmmaker, screenwriter and producer. He was also the found of Chuan Films. Lu attended the Beijing Film Academy for a master’s degree in directing. Lu's first two films were small-budget productions, which garnered both Chinese and international, acclaim: 2002's The Missing Gun (2002) and 2004's Mountain Patrol (2004): Mountain Patrol. Mountain Patrol won a Golden Rooster and a Golden Horse best picture award and Special Jury Prize at the 17th Tokyo International Film Festival. Lu's third film, the war drama City of Life and Death (2009), was released in April 2009 to both critical and commercial success. At the same time, however, the film's sympathetic portrayal of a Japanese soldier aroused controversy. Lu Chuan won Achievement in Directing for the film at 3rd Asia Pacific Screen Awards and Best Director Award at 4th Asian Film Awards. The film won Best Film and Best Cinematography Awards at 57th San Sebastian Film Festival. Lu's historical film The Last Supper was released in 2012. In 2015, Lu Chuan’s latest film Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe was released. 

Fernando Cortizo

Fernando Cortizo began his film career with the stop-motion animated short film Black Cat Spantat. During these early years he wrote and filmed numerous short films, receiving important awards at International festivals. He also worked as assistant director on such fiction films as In Bars e Stories, both from the Spanish director Mario Iglesias.

In 2007 he began the development of his feature film, O Apóstolo, the first stereoscopic stop-motion animation full-length film to be made in Europe.

Cortizo is currently developing two new stop-motion animated feature films in 3D, Dream Prince and Organistrum, which will be the second part of the O Apóstolo.

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Olivier Cossu

After his Visual Arts studies, Oliver Cossu starts to compose and direct advertising spots and music video. In 2014 he realizes the documentary film La Face Cachée du Pop- up, that contains many animated sequenze.