Jeff Wadlow

Born in Arlington, Virginia, he goes to Dartmouth College and the year after to the University of Southern California of Cinema-Television. With the short film The Tower of Babble (2002) he receives more than two dozen of awards, including the one for best short film at the international festival of independent videos of New York. He also performed as an actor in the movie Pearl Harbor (2001) and in the television series Rosewell (2001). He directs the movie Never Back Down (2008) and Kick-Ass 2 (2013).


Yunfei Wang

Yunfei Wang was born in Shenyang in China’s Liaoning province in 1978. At an early age, he showed a proficiency in painting, and graduated in graphic design from Liaoning Normal University in 2000. Since 2002, he has managed the animation department of Beijing Cheerland Digital Technology. At Cheerland, he directed the first season of the animated series Happy Stuff, a landmark that occupies the same position as The Simpsons in popular Chinese culture, capturing the spirit of a nation. Since 2007, he has focused on the animated feature Yugo & Lala that pushes the potential of animation in the Asian region, becoming one of the Top 15 Chinese original animations to make more than 10 million yuan at the box office.

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Bill Watterson

Debuting director and co-screenwriter, he was a rock musician and he collected different acting experiences for cinema and television. He tells that since he was a child, he enjoyed making films with his videocamera VHS with his friends, reproducing typical situations of the action movies with ninja and alien invasions. Drawing from this imaginary, he gets with Dave Made a Maze to obtain a great success.


Tommy Wirkola

Born in Norway in 1979 Wirkola’s first film was 2007’s Kill Buljo that he co-wrote with Stig Frode Henriksen. They later made the 2009 horror comedy Dead Snow and then in 2010 Kurt Josef Wagle and the Legend of the Fjord Witch. His first big-budget film was Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters which was co-written by Dante Harper and released in 2013. Wirkola is currently writing Holy Men for Paramount and is producing a U.S. remake of his hit Norwegian television series Hellfjord, both with Gary Sanchez Productions producing.



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Hur Bum-wook

Hur Bum-wook was born in Seoul in 1983 and he gradutated at Korean Academy of Film Arts, Dept. of Animation Directing in 2011. He's known for the shors Ordinary Meals (2009) and City of Cood People (2011), and for the feature film On the White Planet (2014).


Wuershan was born in 1972 in Huhehaote, Inner Mongolia. He studied oil painting in China’s Central Institution of Fine Arts before joining the directing course at the Beijing Film Academy. After graduating, Wuershan started his career in advertising, becoming one of China’s most successful television commercials directors. Wuershan directed his first feature in 2003, the experimental and independent Soap Opera that it premiered in the New Currents competition of the Busan International Film Festival. Wuershan returned to film-making in 2010 with The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it became an instant cult hit.


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