Forbidden Planet, a movie by Fred M. Wilcox

Saturday 26 May 2018 8:00 pm
Robots and Superhumans – The challenge of work between cinema and reality

In the 24th century, the spaceship C-57-D, leaded by Commander John J. Adams, is sent to a mission on planet Altair IV, in order to find survivors from the Bellerophon expedition, which misteriously disappeared 20 years before. As they land, John and his crew meet Professor Morbius, the only survivor, who lives in a magnificent residence with his daughter Altaira and the servant Robby, a talking robot. The Professor refuses to leave Altair IV for he is studying the technology he found on it, the only testimony left of the Krel civilization, that once inhabited the planet. But that same technology unleashes a creature made of pure energy, as creepy as fascinating.

The robot Robby was most expensive cinematographic object ever built since then, and it is the first robot in the History of Film who respects the Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics.

USA (1956), 98’

Introduces Michele Fadda
Film critic
and University Teacher