Gattaca, a movie by Andrew Niccol

Sunday 27 May 2018 8:00 pm
Robots and Superhumans – The challenge of work between cinema and reality

In a not-too-distant future, human beings are born with a perfect genetic makeup, selected from a group of embrionyc cells by the parents. By means of this process, it is possible to foresee the future physical and health condition of the unborn babies and, in addiction, to “built” tailor-made children, artificially generated without imperfections.

Basically, society shows a substantial division in two categories: the valids, those with the perfect genetic makeup, who are chosen to fulfill the highest roles in society, and the in-valids, that is people born with their own natural genes, who hold humble jobs and live on the margins of social life. On voluntary choise of his parents, the main character Vincent is conceived naturally, without the aid of science. At birth, his blood test shows that he has his father’s same heart diseas, which will lead him to die before his thirties. Vincent is consequently tagged as in-valid.

USA (2011), 109'

Introduces Roy Menarini
Film critic
and University Teacher