I, Robot, a movie by Alex Proyas

Saturday 26 May 2018 10:30 pm
Robots and Superhumans – The challenge of work between cinema and reality

The title is based on the anthology I, Robot from the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, which also describes the Three Laws of Robotics; those same Laws govern the relations between humans and robots in the film.

Year 2035, Chicago. The positronic robots have become ordinary domestic items, suitable for all and in every house, and the world is now waiting for the newest model NS-5, generation produced by the leader firm on robotic market, the U.S. Robots. While everybody raves about these mechanical helpers, detective Del Spooner doesn’t really trust the new and highly advanced robots.

Spooner is called to investigate on the probable suicide of Doctor Alfred Lanning, brilliant scientist and also the U.S. Robots’s founder, where he worked. Moreover, Doctor Lanning is the ideator of the well-known Three Laws of Robotics and also of the famous and by now widespread robot “NeStor class 5”, from which the code-name “NS-5”. Lanning leaves Spooner a holographic device with his last reflections, which make the detective consider the possibility of an homicide.

USA (2004), 115'

Introduces Michele Fadda
Film critic
and University Teacher