MOON, a movie by Duncan Jones

Friday 25 May 2018 8:30 pm
Robots and Superhumans – The challenge of work between cinema and reality


Sam Bell is close to the expiration of a three-year work contract as the only inhabitant of the lunar mining base Sarang, belonging to the Lunar Industries. His job is to supervise the functioning of the automatic extractors, which mine helio-3 from the lunar surface, to recover the cargo when the established amount is reached and to send it to Earth, where it is used as the main energetic source.

Chronic communication problems restrict the contacts between Sam and his family, composed by his wife Tess and his 3-year-old daughter Eve, to occasional recorded messages. The only company on the base is provided by an A.I. named GERTY, which runs the base itself. Two weeks before his return on Earth, Sam starts having hallucinations and to suffer from splitting headaches.

USA (2009), 97'

Introduces Roy Menarini
Film critic
and University Teacher