Star Trek vs Star Wars (and other stories): Roundtable

Saturday 7 May 2016 4:00 pm


For such an important anniversary we couldn’t fail to include an in-depth event promoted by the Future Film Festival.

Why are we still talking about Star Trek, after 50 years? New Star Trek series and films are not just a commercial product designed to keep alive a cult of the past. Quite on the contrary, Star Trek fandom was the first to gather and organize, to create a world of knowledge and passion, to popularize an encyclopedic knowledge, thus inspiring a new constellation of works for cinema, television and other medias.

For this reason, the Star Trek Day wants to celebrate the myth through all its aspects: works (with the screening of classical episodes), analysis (with a round table) and fandom (with the cosplay event, an invitation extended to the whole science fiction world)

The round table, in particular, will see the participation of many film scholars, aerospace scientists, television programmers, prominent figures in design and fashion, event planners and other various figures joined by the same passion, Star Trek, and by a wide view of the Star Trek phenomenon’s cultural horizons and of the ways to link it with the rest of the science fiction universe. A very modern journey, then, into Star Trek’s universe, but not confined to that.

The event will see the participation of Nembo Buldrini (aerospace engineer – FOTEC), Giacomo Manzoli (Professor of Audiovisual Forms of the Popular Culture, University of Bologna), Matteo Guarnaccia (Artist and costume historian), Nicola Vianello (Star Trek Italian Club), Carlo Modesti Pauer (Creator of “Wonderland", RAI 4)

Roy Menarini as moderator.

Free entry.




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