In Time, un film di Andrew Niccol

Sunday 27 May 2018 10:30 pm
Robots and Superhumans – The challenge of work between cinema and reality
In the year 2169, people are genetically engineered to age until their 25th birthday, after which a timer located on their arm begins a 1-year countdown: when it reaches 0, he or she will automatically die. This limit can be extended by fee-paying, allowing a potential eternal life. Time has thus become a currency: salaries are made of time, and time itself is used for the needs and luxuries oh rich people. Thanks to a particular technology it is possible to store time in specific devices and transfer it from a person to another. As a result, society is unbalanced: rich people can live forever, while the others try to negotiate day by day their survival. The film’s main chatacter, Will Salas, lives with his 50-year-old mother, in the poorest zone of the city called “the ghetto”. In this zone people live hand to mouth, trying to earn one minute more to avoid the “time out”. Will will rebel against this, becoming a “contemporary Robin Hood”.

USA (2011), 109'

Introduces Roy Menarini
Film critic
and University Teacher