Webseries Mode ON: Digital Series

Sunday 8 May 2016 2:00 pm

by Simone Arcagni and EmergingSeries

The selection by Simone Arcagni and EmergingSeries for the Future Film Festival wants to take a look to those digital series that deepened their relationship with new technologies more than others, or in a more effective and curious way. The program goes on with a supplement by Brandon Box, The Bomb, a digital series specifically designed for the Virtual Reality: it will be possible to enjoy it independently by using a special headset capable of immersing the spectator in a 360° perspective on the narrative situation. It will be a great chance to try the Virtual Reality Gears with Brandon Box. The event also includes an extraordinary transmedia tour with Futour 2045, by Riccardo Milanesi and Domenico Morreale: webseries, Alternate Reality Games (ARG) and a permanent crossmedial participated storytelling laboratory.

Towards the end of the event we'll also be screening Getalive, a series about live action role playing games.





1-Canto di Natale

La smartseries di Riccardo Milanesi e Mattia Zoratti

10 minuti (3 episodi di circa 3 minuti ciascuno)



AR webserie

Pilota di 3 minuti



di Trend Micro

5 minuti a episodio


4-Molotov Alva

webdoc seriale in animazione in Second Life

4 minuti

prodotto da Submarine Channel



di Domenico Morreale e Riccardo Milanesi

3 minuti pilota



cyberpunk indipendent webserie

15 minuti



cyberpunk videogame webserie

10 minuti



sci fi webserie dall'Australia

20 minuti 


9-Halo Nightfall

Ridley Scott alle prese con la fantascienza dei game

18 minuti


10-Osmosis la serie

webserie prodotta da Arte France

8 minuti


11 - Getalive

di Emanuele Tassi, Carlo Cupaiolo, David Becheri