Workshop “The Bear Tales”: how to realize a crowdfonded, self-produced film

Saturday 7 May 2016 9:30 am

The class held by Samuele Sestieri e Olmo Amato, directors of the film I Racconti dell’orso – The Bear Tales, and by the producer Mauro Santini, analyses all the realisation phases of the film, which was, quite unusually, shot by a two man crew during a trip in Norway following an elastic theme which was transformed many times according to the places they saw and the people they met. Only afterwards, the authors turned to crowdfunding for the post-production, sound design and dubbing.

The cost of the workshop includes the free entry to the premiere at Cinema Lumière on Friday 6 May at 18.00.

Price: 30€

Limited entry (max. 30 participants) only upon registration.

segreteria@futurefilmfestival.org – Tel. 051.2960672



Costo: 30 euro. Ingresso limitato solo su iscrizione: segreteria@futurefilmfestival.org 

Tel: 051 2960672