Iqbal, a Tale of a Fearless Child

Wednesday 4 May 2016 10:30 am

by Michel Fuzellier and Babak Payami, Italy/France 2015
(90', Italian)

Iqbal, a ten years old boy, lives in a village with his brother and mother. One day, while he's at
the market selling some toys to gain the money for his sick brother's medicine, he meets
Hakeem, who offers to help, proposing him to work in his carpet factory as repayment.
However, Iqbal soon realizes that he and other boys/kids are mercilessly exploited and he
starts planning a rebellion.

From the joined effort of the french Michel Fuzellier and the iranian Babak Payami springs The
moving, necessary (and true) story of a kid who rebels against criminals who exploit child