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Rainbow Fireflies

Friday 12 April 2013 12:00 pm

Rainbow Fireflies

by Uda Kounosuke – Japan, 2011

(104, Digital, Original version with Italian subtitles)

Summer of 2002, 12 years old Yuta visits the place where he used to come with his father who passed away a year ago. There, he meets an old man and ends up time travelling to year 1977. He wakes up at a village which is going to sunk and disappears soon because a dam will be built - it was their last summer. The rich nature surroundings, the interaction between the local kids, the encounter with a mystical girl named Saeko, Yuta goes through experiences that he has never met before. It becomes an unforgettable summer for a boy that has emotional trauma. When Saeko’s secret starts to unveil, a conflicted feeling emerges within Yuta. What does it mean to “live” and “live on,” “live present”? The boy grows up through struggle to find the answer. After 10 years since Yuta comes back to the present, a miracle occurs to the former children of the village –it was the village legend, “Rainbow Fireflies.”



Uda Kounosuke

Kounosuke Uda was born in Shizuoka, Japan in 1966. Uda attended Tokyo Design Academy at Tokyo where he studied animation. Since then he has been working at Toei Animation directing animations including TV series and feature films. Some of Uda’s directed titles are: Sailor Moon (1992), GeGeGe no Kitarô (1996), Young Kindaichi’s Case Book (1997), Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy (1998) and Lovely Complex (2007). He is also known as the director of the TV series One Piece (1999), which he directed for seven years of the 12 years on-air. Uda also directed two titles of One Piece long feature film.

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