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Shisha no teikoku

Tuesday 3 May 2016 4:00 pm

The Empire of Corpses

by Ryôtarô Makihara – Japan, 2015

(120', Original with subtitles)

In 19th-century London, “corpse reanimation technology” is developed to the point where “the dead” are used for labor. Brilliant medical student John Watson is invited to join the UK government’s secret society, the Walsingham Institution, and given a clandestine mission: search for the legendary writings called “Victor’s private papers”. Dr. Victor Frankenstein left them behind a century ago, and they supposedly detail the top secret technology used to produce “The One”, the original reanimated corpse that could speak and even had its own will.

The first clue leads Watson deep into Afghanistan. Alexei Karamazov, Russian Empire military chaplain and genius corpse engineer, suddenly led an army of a new type of armed corpses and caused a rebellion before going underground. If he had already obtained the private papers and used the method noted within to manufacture a new type of corpse... Accompanied by Friday, a corpse that records all activities, Watson begins the grand journey in search of Victor’s private papers.




Ryôtarô Makihara

Ryotaro Makihara is a Japanese animator and film director. He directed his first film HAL in 2013, which was written by Izumi Kizara.


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