FFF 2017 - Midnight Madness: #Screamers

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it” Alfred Hitchcock

Are you ready to jump off your seats? It's time for some Midnight Madness and jumpscares at the Future Film Festival 2017 with #Screamers by Dean Ronalds.

From the USA comes an horror mockumentary absolutly original and terifying, with a great use of suspance and voice over.

Internet Gurus Tom Brennan and Chris Grabow know what sells on the internet.  They’ve built their viral video site into a money making machine, primarily by providing the audience with web “Screamers”… videos that distract the audience then scare them to death.  One day they receive a frghtening video about a girl in a graveyard. This video gets million of views in just a few days, so the team tries to get in touch with the director or the girl. Once they found her, things take a wrong turn. Tom and Chris decide to take their team on a road trip to confront this girl and find out the truth which turns into havoc and hell for everyone involved.

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