FFF 2017 - Special Events: Naked Island

Naked Island 

14' (Canada, 2017) O.V.

The new animated series produced by the prestigious National Film Board of Canada is a series of short films directed by great nams of animation that are not only wonderful work of art but also "advertising of public use for a new era". The shorts use the advertising format and irony to face various aspects of our contemporary society. Each director was free to use his own style and this eclectic style gives to the series energy and vitality.

Here is the complete list of the shorts: Albertosaurus by Munro Ferguson; All We Need Is War by Luka Sanader, animated by Frances McKenzie; Be Cool by Chris Landreth; Blood by Theodore Ushev; Detention by David Seitz and Elle Maija Tailfeathers, animated by David Seitz; Hipster Headdress by Amanda Strong; The Law of Expansion and Simulated Life by Malcolm Sutherland; Protest by The Sanchez Brothers; Sext Ape by Laurence Vallières; Sober by Elise Simard; Survival of the Fittest by Eva Cvijanovic; We Drink Too Much and We Eat Shit by Chris Lavis and Maciek Sczerbowski.

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