Venice Film Festival 2017: Future Film Festival Digital Award - 19th Edition

 Future Film Festival partecipates at the Venice Film Festival with the 19th edition of the Future Film Festival Digital Award, confered by our Official jury to the best movie of the selection among the ones which utilize Animation, special effects and / or the new technologies.  

The jury is composed by the following journalists:

Arianna Finos, La Repubblica; Titta Fiore, Il Mattino; Rocco Giurato,; Giuseppina Manin, Il Corriere della Sera; Lee Marshall, Internazionale; Gabriele Niola, Wired; Cristiana Paternò, Cinecittà News; Francesca Pierleoni, ANSA; Roberto Silvestri, Hollywood Party; Boris Sollazzo, Giornalettismo.

The winner will be announced on September 8, 2017


All the Winners of Future Film Festival Digital Awards:


2016 Arrival by Denis Villeneuve

2015 Anomalisa by Charlie Kaufman e Duke Johnson

2014 Birdman  by Alejandro González Iñárritu

2013    Gravity  by Alfonso Cuaron

2012    Bad 25  by Spike Lee

2011    Faust  by Aleksandr Sokurov

2010    Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame  by Tsui Hark

2009    Metropia  by  Tarik Saleh

2008    The Sky Crawlers  by Mamoru Oshii

2007    Redacted  by Brian De Palma

2006    Inland Empire  by David Lynch

2005    La Corpse Bride  by Tim Burton

2004    Collateral  by Michael Mann

2003    Zatoichi  by Takeshi Kitano

2002    Blood Work  by Clint Eastwood

2001    A.I. Artificial Intelligence di Steven Spielberg

2000    Time and Tide  by Tsui Hark

1999    Hakuchi: the Innocent  by Makoto Tezka