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“Scrambler You Are”: Ducati presents the international video contest reserved for videographers



“Scrambler You Are”: Ducati presents the international video contest reserved for videographers


  • The “Scrambler You Are” video contest gets underway on June 30.
  • A jury of experts will decide who receives the first prize of 5000 Euros; three further prizes will reward the talents of young directors from all over the globe, getting them involved in the exhilarating Scrambler project.
  • Ducati will select one video-maker to work on a short movie about the Scrambler

Borgo Panigale (Bologna), 30 June 2014 – “Scrambler You Are” is an international video competition - organised by Ducati together with the Friends of the Future Film Festival Association - that offers videographers a fantastic opportunity to illustrate just what the Scrambler is all about: a world of fun, creativity and freedom of expression.


The first edition of this uniquely exciting contest is open to all videographers over the age of 18. “Scrambler You Are” aims to provide a showcase for audio-visual works made by young directors from all over the world using modern digital technology, the goal being to reward creativity, flair and originality.


The “Scrambler You Are” contest (as the verb “to scramble” - to jumble or mix up - suggests) will give directors an opportunity to express their own style and way of being and, through their videos, illustrate the array of emotions and experiences that make the Scrambler so irresistible, highlighting that this is a bike for the free-spirited and the creative, for all those who have been waiting and dreaming about it for years.


From June 30 to October 6 participants can download all competition details Then, from July 20 onwards, they can upload their videos, which must be between 60 and 120 seconds long.


Videos will be assessed by two juries: a popular (online) jury, which will cast votes via the from July 20 to October 20, 2014, and an Official Jury made up of professionals from the world of film and marketing.


A total cash prize of 8000 Euros will be divided as follows: a First Prize of 5000 Euros awarded by the Official Jury, a Second Prize of 2000 Euros also awarded by the Official Jury, and a Third Prize of 1000 Euros to be decided by the popular online vote.

A fourth ‘special prize’ will be assigned by Ducati: one chosen video-maker will be asked to work with the company to make a short movie about the Scrambler.


To keep up to speed with the contest as it develops and to see all the videos, just go to or the Facebook page and share the content using the hashtags #scramblerducati and #scrambleryouare.


The Scrambler universe is coming: express yourself!