Juan Antonio Bayona

Juan Antonio García Bayona (born 9 May 1975) is a Spanish film director, known for the 2007 horror film The Orphanage, the 2012 drama film The Impossible, and the 2016 fantasy drama A Monster Calls. He is set to direct the fifth installment of the Jurassic Park film series. He also has directed television commercials and music videos.

In 2017 his film A Monster Calls is screened as italian national preview at the Future Film Festival.

Giorgio Bruno

Giorgio Bruno is an Italian director born in Catania in 1985. He is passionate about horror and sci-fi and has always been active in the field. His first movie is called Unrated-senza censura and came out in 2007. in 2017 FFF presents his movie Almost Dead.

Luiz Bolognesi

Born in São Paulo, Luiz Bolognesi wrote the screenplay for Brainstorm (2001), Official Selection at Toronto and Locarno, winner at Trieste Film Festival; The World in Two Round Trips (2006) and The Ballroom (2007), which was awarded Best Screenplay from the APCA (São Paulo Art Critics Association) and at Recife and Brasília Film Festivals. Together with Marco Bechis he wrote the screenplay for BirdWatchers (2008), which was in Competition at Venice Film Festival. Luiz is the screenwriter also for the film The Best Things in the World (2010), premiered in Rome Film Festival and awarded Best Screenplay at Recife Film Festival; and for the documentary Amazonia (2013), closing film at Venice Film Festival 2013. Rio 2096, a Story of Love and Fury (2013), winner at Annecy International Animated Films, is his first feature film as director

Marc Boréal

Marc Boréal ha portato con successo sullo schermo i classici della letteratura per l’infanzia, in particolare in serie d’animazione come Corto Maltese, La storia infinita (L’Histoire sans fin), Kong, Les P’tits diables, Les Enfants d’Okura, Mot. Marc ha lavorato in vari ruoli ad Asterix e la grande guerra (Asterix et le coup de menhir di Philippe Grimond), Le Big-Bang (di Picha) e Pourquoi j’ai (pas) mangé mon père (di Jamel Debbouze). Ma maman est en Amérique, elle a rencontré Buffalo Bill è la sua prima co-produzione.


Films shown at FFF

Luc Besson


Born in 1959, he's a director, writer and producer. Besson has his first contact with the world of cinema at 17 years working at a short film with Patrick Grandperret. His first clip, shot on 16 mm, is the result of collaboration with Pierre Jolivet. Award-winning and as a director and as writer (1990, Nikita, 1994, Léon, 1997, The Fifth Element, 1999, The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc), in 2000 he founded his own production company and distribution EuropaCorp.




Signe Baumane


Signe Baumane, an independent animator known for her controversial films on the subjects of sex, pregnancy, dentists and madness, was born in Latvia in 1964. In 1983 Signe successfully passed exams to enter Moscow State University and study Philosophy. The one thing she learned in her five years of Philosophy study was that knowledge is relative: what you know to be the truth today can become a lie tomorrow.

In 1991 Signe was given an opportunity to direct her first animated short, “The Witch and the Cow”, a two minute story about a tiny witch trying to milk a humongous cow. When the film was finished Signe started to work as a freelance designer and illustrator with publishing houses in Moscow and Riga. She illustrated several children’s books and made sets for a puppet theatre. In 1993 she received another grant to make “Tiny Shoes”, a personal fairy tale about a young woman who dreams to marry a prince, but has to live with a dragon instead. Eastern European film festivals recognized it as a bold feminist statement. In 1995 she received a grant for her next film “The Gold of The Tigers”, a complicated tale of tigers who interchange dreams with reality and reality with dreams. With her first three films Signe developed her unique storytelling style - direct, head-on, unflinching - and pursued the subjects that she was most interested in: violence, power, womanhood, relationships between men and women. Her first films also showed her fascination with animals, which are a big source of her inspiration.

In 1997 she applied for and received a green card as an Extraordinary Ability Alien in USA. By that time she had saved enough money to make her first short on American soil: “Love Story”. Between 1999 and 2009 Signe wrote and directed 11 more award winning shorts: “The Threatened One” (1999) produced by Pierre Poire of Italy, “Natasha” (2001) coproduced and co-directed with Josh Rechnitz, “Five Fucking Fables” (2002), “Woman” (2002) produced by Rija Films in Latvia, “Dentist” (2005), “Five Infomercials for Dentists” (2005), “Veterinarian” (2007) produced by Rija Films, “The Very First Desire Now and Forever” (2007), “Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 1 - 3” (2007) produced by Pierre Poire, “Teat Beat of Sex: Episodes 8 - 11” (2008) produced by Pierre Poire, and “Birth” (2009).

In all of Signe’s work, the influences of Eastern European traditions like those of Stasys Eidrigevicius in illustration and Jan Svankmajer in animation are easy to spot. But her New York films have a new, spe- cifically American sensibility with their accessible storylines, developed gags and outrageous humour. 

Joel Benjamin

Joel Benjamin, awarded animator and director of short films and full-lenght films, in 2007 he creates the company Electricbeard Production, recently nominated to the Emmy. He works like motion designer for commercial products of notable creativity and he teach animation 2D and 3D in the SAIC and DePaul Universities.


Laurent Boileau

Laurent Boile worked for ten years as a director of photography and then as chief editor on several documentaries, before moving to film direction in 1999. With a passion for comics and graphic arts, he direct films about the 9th Art: Artisans of the imagination (2004), Franquin Gaston and company (2005), Sokal, the art of fine (2007), Poland Marzi (2009). On the 20th anniversary of the fall of Berlin Wall, he developed an animated series for RTBF and

Films shown at FFF

Bong Hue Gu

Born in 1972, Bong Hue Gu made his debut into korean animation with the mobile TV show Medical Island, then went on to direct the TV series GoonZu in 2005 and My Little from 2008 to 2010.
Ghost Messenger, produced for the home video market and realised between 2009 and 2013, achieves broad success, thereby convincing Studio Animal into realising a first feature film based on the series.
Meanwhile Bong directed the OAV Nobless (2014) and the webseries Closers (2016).


William Brent Bell

An American filmmaker, William Brent Bell toiled his way up from the cinematic trenches to become a horror director. During the mid-1990s, Bell broke into the industry as a production assistant, working on a number of low-budget films, including the 1995 thriller Payback, starring C. Thomas Howell and Joan Severance, and The Nature of the Beast, a horror outing featuring B-movie fixtures Lance Henriksen and Eric Roberts. Following his contributions to another Howell straight-to-video film, Suspect Device, Bell had a stint as production coordinator on the erotica series Women: Stories of Passion, and began working as a second assistant director. He served in this capacity on the slasher/fantasy flick Pinocchio's Revenge and moved to less genre-oriented fare with his work on Miguel Arteta's indie dramedy Star Maps. Eager to establish himself as a filmmaker, he wrote, directed and produced the comedy Sparkle and Charm, though it received little attention. After working on projects that weren't brought to fruition, Bell eventually penned and helmed the overlooked 2006 horror film Stay Alive, a production that helped him to prepare for his 2012 follow-up, The Devil Inside.