Michael Fiore\ Erik Sharkey

Michael Fiore (Director)

Michael Fiore is an american director graduated at the NYU, founder of the Michael Fiore Films company.

Erik Sharkey (Co director)

Erik Sharkey is an expert documentarist. His last documentary about famous cinema poster artist Drew Struzan has been acclaimed in various festivals. In 2016 he directed Floyd Norman: an Animated Life with Michael Fiore.

Jean-Loup Felicioli, Alain Gagnol

Jean-Loup Felicioli (1960) is a French filmmaker who frequently collaborates on animation projects with Alain Gagnol. Their co-directing credits include the shorts L'Egoïste, Le nez à la fenêtreLe Couloir, and Mauvais temps, in addition to the television series Les Tragédies minuscules. Their features are A Cat in Paris and Phantom Boy .

Alain Gagnol was born in Roanne, France, in 1967, He’s a filmmaker who frequently collaborates on animation projects with Jean-Loup Felicioli.


Ann Marie Fleming

With Asian – Canadian origins, Ann is an indipendent film creator. Grand niece of the Chinese Long Tack Sam, acrobat and performer of the Vaudeville Theatre, she is maybe better known for the animated biographic film The Magical Life of long Tack Sam (2003), awarded to the San Diego Asian Film Festival as the best documetary film. She ha san her own animated production company, the Sleepy Dog Films.  




Ryo Ono (Frogman) is an exuberant director and a passionate animator, very active in the field of anime. He is known especially for his contribution as the Thermae Romae’s executive director, for the direction of the parodistic Shuukan Shimakou and the series Himitsu Kessha Taka no Tsume.