Tal Goldberg\ Gal Zelezniak

Tal Goldberg (Director, Screenwriter)

Tal Goldberg is an Israelian director and screenwriter. BA in Film studies, Tel Aviv university, Israel. Game design studies, Shenkar college, Israel. He is famous for the movie OMG, I'm a robot?!

Gal Zelezniak (Director, Screenwriter)

Gal Zelezniak is an Israelian director and screenwriter, famous for his movie OMG, I'm a robot?!

Jacques-Rémy Girerd

Jacques-Rémy Girerd is a french producer and director since 1978, best known for the animated films Raining Cats and Frogs (2003), Mia and the Migoo (2008) and A Cat in Paris (2010). In 1981 he founded Folimage Valence Production, that eventually became one of the most important animation studios in France. In 1988, his film Le Petit cirque de toutes les couleurs received a César. He is now president of the Animation Film School La Poudrière. Aunt Hilda! is his third feature film.

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Tobias Genkel\Reza Memari


Born in Hambrug i 1970, he studied Graphic design and illustratio in the University of applied sciences of Hamburg. he worked on many animation films like The little punk, Felidae, Werner as layout director and background designer. Ooops! Ho perso l'arca...(2015) was his first movie as a director.

REZA MEMARI (Sceneggiatore, Co-regista)

He was born in Iran in 1976 and studied Communication and marketing at the Bavarian Accademy of Marketing in Monaco. He worked as Product Manager for Acclaim Entertainment, video game producing factor. He was an editor and project manager for television, and made various shorts as screenwriter, director and producer. He was editor of the movie Ooops! Ho perso l'arca... by Toby Genkel. They collaborated again for the movie Richard the stork.

Raul Garcia

Raul Garcia is a veteran animator who has worked on any number of Disney features (Aladdin, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame) and co-directed 2008’s The Missing Lynx, which won the Goya Awards for the Best Animation Movie.

Paolo Gaudio

Paolo Gaudio, born in 1981, is an italian director and scriptwriter.

On 2003 he  graduates on philosophy at UNICAL (Università della Calabria) and then in directing at  NUCT (Nuova Università del Cinema e della Televisione) of Rome.

Author of many fantasy shorts Movie, he is now engaged in expertising stop-motion techniques, cut out animation e computer grafic. 

Reveries of a Solitary Walker is his first feature film.

Otto Guerra

Otto Guerra created in 1978 his own company Otto Desenhos Animados aiming producing animated films. Before of this date Otto worked in production for propaganda. After 5 years of work the necessary structure was established and in 1983 Otto Guerra produces his first animated fil , which premiered at the 1984 Festival de Gramado , being very well received by the public and by jury. From there he gradually moves from advertising production to production of fiction, and in recent years this has focused the attention of the company .

During over 30 years dedicated to animation in Rio Grande do Sul, Otto Guerra became a very important person in the creation of the RS Core Animation, linked to the Department of Culture and the State Institute of Cinema ( Iecine ) paving the way for the emergence of a real ' school ' gauchos animators . The trajectory of Otto Desenhos Aniamdos, which coincides with the trajectory of Otto Guerra himself, resulted in the realization of 10 short films and three feature films. These films have received numerous awards in national festivals and abroad and have been selected in various international events.

Otto Guerra also participated in co -productions in Brazil , Portugal , Sao Tome and Principe and Germany . Establishing partnerships with UNICEF , World Bank , UN , Maurício de Sousa , Renato Aragão , Ministry of Health (Ze Gotinha for film) , among others . Besides screenwriter, animator, producer and director of several films , Otto Guerra also taught various animation workshops throughout Brazil and has participated as a juror in several film festivals in the  country.

Frant Gwo

Frant Gwo was born in 1980. He graduated from Hainan University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree of Laws. He worked in the program of Asian Music Center in China Channel as a program packaging producer. As the executive director of Concord Media (Beijing), he is engaged in film, TV commercials, the planning of television programs. He co-directed his first feature film Lee’s Adventures in 2011.

Films shown at FFF