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In collaboration with Cineca. With thanks to: Simone Arcagni, Silvano Imboden, Antonella Guidazzoli, Bruno Riccò.

Works selected by Giulietta Fara.

Open: everyday from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 19.00





Out of Exile: Daniel’s Story BY Nonny De La Peña (USA, 2016)

The movie tells the story of Daniel Ashley Pierce, sent away by his family because of his sexual preferences.

The director registered the audio story of Daniel while the watcher is the center of the action and the family drama.


We Who Remain by Nuba Reports (Sudan/USA, 2017)

The film, produced by New York Times, brings the watcher inside the heart of the conflict that tore Sudan apart in 2011, between Sudan's government and the rebel organization SPLA-N. Today it is not possible to get into the zone, both for journalists and helpers. The movie ties the tale of a rebellious soldier, a journalist, a mother and a student.


Miyubi by Félix Lajeunesse, Paul Raphaël (USA, 2017)

The movie is one of the longest ever produced up to date (40 min) and invites the spectator to spend a year inside the body of Miyubi, a japanese robot gave as a christmas gift to an american child.


Chocolate by Tyler Hurd (USA, 2017)

This is a videclip in VR for the song  Chocolate by Giraffage. The action takes place in a naif world full of kittens, and the watcher is their robot-god.

The producers reccomend to:

- look closely and throughly at your robot body, discovering everything about it.

- dance, if you want to

- look all around you, not just in one direction


Zero Days by Yasmin Elayat (USA, 2017)

The project is based upon the documentary with the same title by Alex Gibney, it's a VR experience that tells the tale of a computer virus called Stuxnet, developed in the United States and Israel to attack iranian nuclear sites. Presented at the SUndance Film Festival 2017


Dear Angelica by Saschka Unseld (USA, 2017)

The movie, voiced by Geen Davis and Mae Whitman, tells the story of a girl who loses her mother, actress, when she is really young. The girl tries to recover the memories of her mother by watching her old movies.


The 7th Night of Thelema: A Virtual Ritual by Gianluigi Perrone (Italia, 2017)

The story: alejster Crowley, occultis, funds an abbay of his cursed cult in Cefalù (Sicily, Italy). Three women perform the esoteric ritual of the harpies while a masked woman falls into a trance that will change her forever.

The style: this short has been shot in Dogma VR, a manifesto followed by the director to create an immersive experience for the viewer. It is inspired by famous works like Twin Peaks by David Lynch or Eyes Wide Shut by Stanley Kubrick. The work between Dogma VR and the coreography has tried to create a puryfying and immersive ritual for the watcher.

Coreographed by Inko Di O and performed by Lunatic Moires (Debbie-Lee Van Ginkel, Cheryl Ita, Surzhana Radnaeva, Joy Melloul, Inko Di O). Accompanied and supported by Julia Makhalova, Niko De La Faye, Alex diTullio, Sonia Di Clemente, Warda Mussa.

The film will be presented at the next Marchè du Film de Cannes while at the Future Film Festival is presented the preview of the workprint.


Terrae Motus by Cineca (Italia, 2016)

Research project in VR, created for the exhibition Terrae Motus, now exposed at the Reggia di Caserta, rebuilt in 3D for an online and VR navigation Terrae Motus presents the collection that collects in an exaustive way modern art from the 80's. The collection Terrae Motus,born after the Irpinia earthquake that devastated Capania and Basilicata in 1980, was born thanks to the initiative of Lucio Amelio, napolitan gallery curator. Credits: Beatrice Chiavarini, Daniele De Luca, Antonella Guidazzoli, Silvano Imboden, Maria Chiara Liguori, Luigi Verri.


MUVI – Museo Virtuale della Vita Quotidiana nel XX secolo (muvi.cineca.it) (Italia, 2016)

The project shows the changes in uses and costumes of italian domestic life during the 30's, 50's and 80's. You can navigate through two rooms of an house and interact with it.

Credits: Beatrice Chiavarini, Daniele De Luca, Antonella Guidazzoli, Silvano Imboden, Maria Chiara Liguori, Luigi Verri.


Orbital Vanitas by Shaun Gladwell (USA, 2017)

Realized with the contribute of Sundance Institute, this experience in VR puts the user inside an enormous human skull that revolves around Earth. As if the skull were the misterious remains of some sci-fi long lost movie.